Five Spooktaculer Fairy Witches

issy fairy

Issy's Fairy
Halloween Party Fairy

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Hallie's Fairy
Halloween Holiday Store

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Fairy Chef

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Courtney's Fairy

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Fairy Trixie Love The
Trick or Treat Fairy

The Halloween Adventures of the

In this is book you will find 5 delightful stories about some of the cutest fairy witches. You will be introduced to Chef Gardenia and The Sweet Fairy Treats. There is not one fairy anywhere in all of Fairy Land who does not love sweets, especially those created by fairies themselves. Some fairies have speculated that the reason their treats are the best is because of the tiny touch of magic that the fairies use when they cook and bake. The bakers around Fairy Land love to use seasonal ingredients in their amazing creations. With Halloween approaching, they are planning out their menus and trying to create some new original dishes. Learn how she uses her magic to create amazing Halloween treats.

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Halloween Instant Fairy Garden, Digital Download

NEW-Exclusive Digital Download Instant Fairy Garden! What a great project for the family, birthday party, DIY and end up with a beautiful fairy garden! You can also place inside on a wall and make an indoor Fairy Farm Life celebration or add to your dollhouse!
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Teelie’s Original Miniature
Halloween Scenes


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How to Transform your fairy Garden into a



by Teelie Turner

There are several ideas in the book on how to transform your everyday fairy garden into a Haunted Halloween Hallow. We will show you how to take simple every day Halloween items and create a magical spooky Halloween fairy garden and a great conversation piece. Just think what you’re trick-or-treaters will think when they come to your door for their treats and see such a magical garden.

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The Spooktacular Halloween Fairy Gardens Have Arrived

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Discover the four volumes of Tour Spooktacular Fairy Garden Designs volume 1 – 4 at Teelie Turner’s magical book launch celebration.


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