Custom Made Fairy Furniture

Custom Made Fairy Furniture

Fairy gardens are a wonderful world to escape to, especially with miniature fairy garden accessories. These miniatures spark one's imagination with their exquisite detail, especially when it's customized. Custom made fairy furniture are unique in the sense that most of the time, no two are the same. Here, we have some of the most charming custom made fairy furniture for your fairy garden.


Custom Made Fairy Furniture
  1. Fae Kitchen Hutch Custom Order

This exquisitely crafted little bark kitchen hutch features magical details such as an acorn teapot and cups. Each hutch is made to order and are made of natural materials such as bark, acorns, grapevine tendrils, lichen, moss, alder cones, and twigs. Your fairy friends are going to love the details on this quaint little kitchen hutch, perfect for their fairy garden home. Available at Etsy for $43.28.

  1. Fairy Love Seat Fairy Furniture

Made of birch bark, tiny shelf fungus, moss, lichen and magnolia pod stems, this enchanting fairy love seat is made to order and made with love! Carefully crafted with attention to detail, it will definitely attract fairies to your fairy garden. They'll love to take a seat and marvel at its intricate detail. Available at Etsy for $36.55.

  1. Miniature Fairy Stove

Just marvel at this gorgeous miniature handcrafted stove for your fairy friends. Made of wood, bark and twigs with moss and other natural accents, the oven features a twig handle and four burners and shelf. You can even choose between stone or wood burners! What an excellent choice for your fairy friends. Get this at Etsy for $42.00.

  1. Fairy Kitchen Shelf

This magical fairy kitchen shelf looks like it came straight from the woodlands! It is made of wood and twigs and has been painted, distressed, and adorned in natural mosses. No two are alike! The shelf includes cups, bowls, and a teapot crafted from natural materials. Such a useful piece of furniture for hardworking fairies! Available at Etsy for $42.00.

  1. Woodland Fairy Furniture Table and Chairs

Fairies will love to dine on this table for two set that's adorned with delicious fruit tarts and cups of hot chocolate with some whipped cream. The food is served on black and white floral dishes. The table for two also features a yellow centerpiece and yellow flowers on the seat. Add a new kind of charm to your fairy garden with this enchanting set. Available at Etsy for $46.00.

Custom Made Fairy Furniture
  1. Woodland Fairy Sink

Complete your fairy garden home with this dainty woodland fairy sink that comes in two variants: with a square mirror or a rounded mirror. This enchanting sink features a real mirror that is framed with natural twigs. The sink is made of a nut shell and the faucet is a twig, with soft green moss and acorns for accents. Fairies will love washing up in this delicate sink made especially for them. Get this at Etsy for $28.99.

  1. Fae Spinning Wheel and Accessories Custom Order

What a delight! This item is straight out of a fairy tale. The miniature spinning wheel features a wheel with a bark body, twig legs, and a wheel of grapevine tendrils and moss. The distaff also features seed fluff and some wool. On top of this, you also have a petite acorn cap basket with fiber and two carders of chestnut pods and grapevine. Fairies will be drawn to this magnificence in your fairy garden. What a magical little piece! Available at Etsy for $36.55.

  1. Fae Forest Bed Custom Order

Straight out of the woodlands come this fae twig bed in a delightful Victorian style. It features a covering of moss, lichen, oak and fern leaf, which fairies will definitely enjoy lounging in. The bed features tall bed posts with acorn caps for a dainty detail. Each bed is custom made, so you won't quite get two that are exactly alike. This is available at Etsy for $41.36.

  1. Enchanted Fairy Desk

Every fairy needs his or her own workspace and desk! This lovely fairy desk with chair is definitely a fairy garden must-have. It features original and handmade accessories on the desk, such as an acorn lamp, potion bottles, potted mushrooms and succulents, rolled papers, a tiny book, a metal birdcage, and more. The desk and chair set is carefully crafted from beautiful bark, twigs, moss, and paper flowers, ferns, and shells. The desk also features a few metal knobs, but you can't open the drawers, only fairies can! This gorgeous set is available at Etsy for $65.00.

  1. Fae Library Table Custom Order

Bookworm fairies will enjoy this library table that's exquisitely made with love! This rectangular table includes some quaint little accessories for your fairy friends to find. There's the birch bark book, elfin spectacles of grapevine tendrils, and a Tiffany style reading lamp with a translucent limpet shell shade. The table is also adorned with moss and lichens. Each table is made to order, so no two are quite alike. Attract those magical fairies to your fairy garden with this homey piece. Available at Etsy for $36.55.


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