DIY Easter Fairy Garden in a Basket

DIY Easter Fairy Garden in a Basket

Today, I’m sharing with you an exciting project that’s perfect for Easter – a DIY Easter fairy garden in a basket that’s fun for everyone!

Easter fairy gardens in baskets will make great gifts to kids with a bit of sweets, of course. I used artificial miniature plants and succulents for this project. However, if you think the kids can take care of a real Easter fairy garden in a basket, you can totally use live plants and soil! Just make sure to remind the kids to tend to their little piece of fairyland.

How to Make an Easter Basket Fairy Garden

This DIY Easter fairy garden in a basket pretty much involves putting together materials with the use of glue, making it the perfect project for kids or those new to fairy gardening.

For this project, the materials you’ll need are:

Easter Basket

I didn’t have to buy this one as I already had one lying around. I suggest you pick just the right size. It will be difficult to carry it around if it’s too big. Some baskets you may like:

DIY Easter - Basket

A   Wald Imports Brown Willow Decorative Storage Basket

B   Oval Shaped Small Willow Handwoven Easter Basket by Royal Imports


I used two kinds of moss: mat type and reindeer moss. Like the Easter basket, I didn’t have to buy them as I still have plenty. If you’d like to get some for this project, I highly recommend:

MossA   Super Moss 21512 Preserved Sheet Moss, Fresh Green

B   Floral Garden Reindeer Moss


The size and amount of styrofam you should get depends on the size and shape of your Easter basket. You may have to cut them up to size or stack a few with StyroGlue. You can also use hot glue.

StyrofoamA   Floracraft Styrofoam Oval

B   White Square EPS Foam Block Cubes by MT Products

C   LA Crafts Brand 6×1 Inch Smooth Foam Craft Disc – 12 Pack

Miniature Plants

I used a variety of artificial miniature plants like mini trees and succulents for the DIY fairy garden Easter basket. Check out some you can use for your project below:

Miniature PlantsA   BeautyMood 10pcs Miniature Fairy Garden Tree Plant Ornaments

B   Khalee Mixed Artificial Succulent Plants 12pcs

Easter Fairy Garden Accessories

I used my very own miniature Easter accessories, all available at my Etsy shop. If you’re interested in any of them, be sure to grab them right away as I only have one of each item.

I used lots of bunnies, a lamb, a snail and loads of miniature Easter eggs. They’re all so adorable and set in a pink flower table with matching flower chairs perfect for Spring! Of course, there’s a sweet pink fairy too, cradling a cute little chick.

Easter Fairy Garden Accessories

To assemble your DIY Easter fairy garden in a basket, simply fill the Easter basket with Styrofoam just about 2 cm below the brim.

Easter basket with Styrofoam

Glue down the moss mat and the moss. Stick the artificial plants and trees in place. You can secure the ends with hot glue if you want, to ensure they don’t fall off.

moss mat and the moss

Now for the fun part! Place the Easter fairy garden accessories where you like them. It helps to have a certain scene in mind when it comes to this step.

Easter Rabbit 1 Easter Rabbit 2 Easter Rabbit 3 Easter Rabbit 4


And voila! You now have an adorable Easter fairy garden in a basket – perfect for gift giving!

Easter Rabbit 5

Too tired or simply in a rush to DIY? This fairy garden Easter basket is up for grabs HERE.

Also, if you’re shopping for miniature fairy garden accessories for Easter projects, I have lots of collections at my Etsy shop. Here are some photos with links below. Happy shopping!

The Sweet Bunny Carrot Patch

The Sweet Bunny Carrot Patch

Sharing The Easter Bunny Bench

Sharing The Easter Bunny Bench

Hippity Hop Easter House With Bunny Teeter Totter

Hippity Hop Easter House With Bunny Teeter Totter

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