DIY Fairy Garden Furniture: How to Make a Miniature Rose Cabinet That’s Perfect for Spring

DIY Fairy Garden Furniture: How to Make a Miniature Rose Cabinet That’s Perfect for Spring

Did you know that you can transform wood planks into a spring-perfect fairy garden item with just a bit of creativity? For today’s DIY fairy garden furniture, I transformed wood into a fairy garden rose cabinet with just six items and in four easy steps. Here’s how I did it.

DIY fairy garden furniture

1. Gather all the materials and tools you’ll need:

  • Wood planks – As I love to craft, I had this in stock but can’t recall where I got it from. If you want to go for reclaimed wood planks, check out Barnwood USA here. That link is for a pack of six 8-inch planks that are perfect for DIY fairy garden items.
  • Moss – I used reindeer moss and got them from Michael’s here.
Miniature roses
  • Miniature roses – I used Mulberry Paper rose flowers with a 10mm head size. I got it from Amazon here.
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun
  • Glue stick

2. Make the cabinet.

I used a DIY miniature bookshelf guide to create mine. It is relatively easy, once you get the measurements all figured out. I used glue to stick the wood planks together, taking extra care to support the planks while after I applied hot glue. That way, they don’t fall off.

3. Glue moss on the sides, back and top of the miniature cabinet.

Just like this:

Glue moss 1

Glue moss 2

Glue moss 3

Tip: Apply glue in rows, making sure to stick moss on hot glue immediately on the first row before applying a second row of glue. Do the same until you’ve covered the entire two sides, the back and the top of the miniature cabinet with moss.

4. Decorate with roses.

Depending on the miniature roses available, you might have to cut off the stems so only the bud remains. Apply glue on the base of each rose and immediately stick it to the edges of the cabinet’s face.


You can also apply a length of glue to the edge and stick the roses as fast as you can. However, I find that sticking them one by one keeps the edges neater, without excess glue.

And voila, you’re done! Now it’s time to place it in your fairy garden and let your magical friends enjoy! Remember to make DIY fairy garden items your own. That is, choose your favorite colors when it comes to selecting miniature roses.

If you’re not a fan of roses, you can also substitute it with your favorite flower or any other décor really. Don’t be afraid to get creative! This DIY fairy garden guide is pretty versatile. You can even use extra thick cardboard boxes instead of wood planks. Make your DIY fairy garden completely unique!

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Happy fairy gardening!

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