DIY Spring Garland Using Daisies & Peonies

I am so into my spring element lately! I decided to go through my craft drawers to jumpstart spring cleaning but guess what, I found more than enough materials to make another project – a DIY spring garland!

I am positive I got all of the materials below from Michael’s. They have great quality items with unbeatable prices. The only thing is that I can’t recall when I got them. Since some of the items are already out of stock, I’ve looked for other similar materials you can use instead.

My simple spring garland is relatively easy to put together, especially with a hot glue gun!

What you’ll need:

  1. Garland

You can use any type of garland you want so long as it is green to represent the rich color of spring. I honestly can’t recall which type this is but mine looks similar to these garlands:


A   Get: 6ft. Deluxe Ivy Garland
Shop: 6ft. Deluxe Ivy Garland, Mixed Green
See: 6ft. Mixed Spring Garland

  1. Flowers

I used daisies and peonies in mine. I wanted it to represent spring but also wanted to keep the color calming and relaxing. So my choices are white daisies and cream peonies. You can use your favorite flowers or colors for your DIY spring garland but in case you want to do it just like mine, check out similar items below.


A   See: Cream Daisy Bush By Ashland
Get: White Gerbera Daisy Bush By Ashland
Shop: Aster Daisy Spray
Buy: Cream Peony Bush By Ashland

  1. Ribbons

I used wide chevron ribbons accented with a solid-colored ribbon on each end of the spring garland. I used green but any color that goes along with your flower color will do. In case you want to go with green:


A   Shop: 5/8″ Sheer Ribbon by Celebrate It® 360°™
B   Buy: 7/8″ Grosgrain Chevron Ribbon by Celebrate It® 360°™
C   Get: 5.5″ Mesh Wide Ribbon By Celebrate It® Occasions™
D   Look: 1.5″ Satin Ribbon by Celebrate It® 360°™
E   See: 1.5″ Grosgrain Chevron Ribbon by Celebrate It® 360°™

  1. ButterfliesButterflies

A   Shop: Ashland® Monarch Pack
Get: Recollections™ Glacee Butterfly Embellishments

  1. Glue gun and glue sticks

  2. Scissors

How to Create a DIY Spring Garland

1. Gather all materials.

2. Cut the garland to desired length.

DIY spring garland 3. Lay out how you want our DIY spring garland to look, without gluing or wiring them in place yet.

4. Make the ribbons.

DIY spring garland

5. Glue or wire the flowers and butterflies in place. Just be extra careful as some parts of the items used can melt due to the glue’s high temperature. Using wires is a safer option but for those who have pets like me, adhesives are much safer.

6. Glue or wire the ribbons in place. I placed mine at both ends of the spring garland.

DIY spring garland

7. Install and enjoy your new DIY décor!

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