Enchanting Fairy Garden Treasure

In the magical world of fairy gardens, fairies reside and live their wonderfully enchanting lives. Part of their fairy duty is in fact to collect treasure! Just like their close relatives, the leprechauns, fairies are also avid hunters of enchanting fairy garden treasure. They love to explore the woodlands in search of hidden treasure underneath trees and hidden deep inside the woods. Today, let’s explore the different types of enchanting fairy garden treasure that you can add to your garden for fairies to find.


Enchanting Fairy Garden Treasure
  1. Message in a Bottle for Fairy Garden

Oh what hidden message may this little bottle hide? Fairies love to discover tiny treasures such as these. A message in a bottle is perfect for curious little fairies who love to collect knick knacks from all around the world. This little message in a bottle came from far, far away, where survivors of a shipwreck have been stranded on a strange island. Measures 0.8″ wide, 1″ tall, and 0.8 deep. Get your own miniature message in a bottle from Etsy for $2.50.

  1. Classic Candlesticks for Fairy Garden

Fairies will love discovering this pair of classic candlesticks from an English castle. Previously owned by a fallen king, these classic candlesticks have survived a war and ravaging commoners. This pair of candlesticks will be perfect for your fairy friends' evening outings, or dinner by candlelight. They'll love the detail on the candle holder, too! Get this at Etsy for $5.49.

  1. Fairy King Henry and Queen Olivia's Furnishings

This regal collection of fairy garden accessories tell the story of Fairy King Henry and Queen Olivia. Their furnishings include the king and queen's crowns, a metal silver shield, and a silver metal sword. It also features an informative fairy book on King Arthur with details on his voyages and conquests, as well as a fairy book on Kings and Queens. Also includes assorted jewels, a velvet sofa and and coffee table. Available at Etsy for $24.79.

  1. Fairy Garden Treasure with Fairy Dust

See what the fairies left behind indeed! When you find these miniatures, it means that fairies have been in your garden! Fairies love to trade treasures, especially when it comes to their fun discoveries. Different fairies like different things, which is why like a true collector, they enjoy trading. This collection by a very dutiful fairy includes a tiny mirror, a tiny mask, and a tiny key. It also includes two silver bells, one gold bell, metal gold bead, and metal silver bead. But what's really special about this collection is the fairy crystal ball and the 5 ml bottle of magical fairy dust! Collection available at Etsy for $6.77.

  1. Vases Miniature Wheel Thrown Set of 3 Tiny Treasures

As creatures of the garden and woodlands, fairies love to collect flowers. What better way to catch their attention with a set of three tiny treasures that are handmade and wheel thrown. This porcelain ceramic features a kiln fired glazes in muted colors of celadon, burgundy, pumpkin, and cornflower. Truly a quaint little addition to your fairy garden! Available at Etsy for $14.00.

Enchanting Fairy Garden Treasure
  1. Fairy Treasure Chest with Wand, Key, and Fairy Dust

Fairies love finding treasure chests deep inside forests and woodlands. This set features exquisitely crafted items, including a golden postcard, a silver teacup and saucer, and a glittering glass jewel. It also features three gold and three silver miniature bells, a golden fairy sandal, a silver magic wand, and a mysterious silver coin. These items used to belong to an alchemist, who also kept a gold wing, bronze key, and silver egg in the treasure chest. The former fairy owner of this treasure chest even added a bottle of her own fairy dust to the mix. Available at Etsy for $9.41.

  1. Protection Mini Geode Collectible Crystal

Fairies believe in harnessing the powers of nature and how crystals can help guide us and increase positive energy. Agate and oco geode such as this one is created when gas bubbles are trapped underneath solidifying lava. These amazing geodes come to life and bring meaning to the owner's life. With the help of some fairy magic, this geode provides protection and helps the owner see the big picture and aids in making a big decision. Available at Etsy for $5.99.

  1. Fairy Gazing Ball

Deep inside the woodlands, fairies keep one of their biggest treasures: a powerful gazing ball that can see well into the future and in the far past. Fairies like to keep the gazing ball a secret for fear of it being used for evil. But worry not, as the gazing ball is kept secure by multiple protective spells and fairy guards. Only a few royal fairies know where the fairy gazing ball is located. Get this enchanting little fairy garden accessory at Etsy for $8.96.

  1. Miniature Vintage Books Trio

Fairies love to read tales from ages ago. Their stories are documented through enchanting vintage books that have been passed down from one fairy generation to another. This set of vintage books tell the origins of fairies, rabbits, and birds in three separate editions. Fairies love to tell these stories to their younger fairy friends! Get this enchanting set of vintage books at Etsy for $13.53.

  1. Mystical Fairy Magic Wand

This carefully crafted magic wand is created with a stunning multi-faceted teardrop and features a string of mystical purple wire. No one knows what this magical wand can do, but fairies surely know its enchanting powers. Get this at Etsy for $5.39.


Add a layer of enchantment with these enchanting fairy garden treasures that your fairy friends will surely love to discover. For more awesome fairy garden ideas, make sure to bookmark teeliesfairygarden.com! Also, if you haven't, do check out our story on creative container ideas for your fairy garden by following the link below.

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