The Fairies Join in The Cause For Breast Cancer Awareness

Hello Fairy Lovers!

This is the DIY on how I made the glamorous, rustic pretty in pink fairy house for this BCA fairy garden in support of Breast Cancer Awareness. I actually raided my old jewelry box to glam up Ms. Pumpkin. Please, also take a look at our blog post to see all the amazing fairy garden pink goodies that were created especially for this garden HERE  -hope you enjoy!


Ms. Pumpkin has a frown on her face, she’s not too thrilled about the idea of being spray painted. But I told her this was her makeover and she would love the end result!


Now, Ms. Pumpkin is in awe on how glamorous she is looking! I think she likes the pearls that are wrapped around her stem, a touch of old Hollywood glamour. But she really cannot wait to put that sparkly necklace on.


Oh my, Ms. Pumpkin you are really starting to look marvelous! The necklace is the perfect touch…


I am painting the shutters pink that will adorn Ms. Pumpkin’s windows. Shutters are much like eyelashes for humans and any proper fairy house always has the perfect shutters.


Now for the perfect bauble doorknob, of course in a sparkly pink!


Instead of window boxes and since this is a glam makeover I choose to give Ms. Pumpkin a bit of a lift with jewels under her windows.


Ms. Pumpkin is all glammed up and ready to take her spot in the Pretty in Pink Fairy Garden! I secretly think she is very excited about her new stunning look. 😊


Here she is in her new fairy garden-ready to have a beautiful fairy claim this garden as her own…she will patiently wait for the new fairy’s arrival!


The small pumpkins I spray painted a light pink also….


Adding some darker pink for some magical contrast…..


Oh yes! what is a fairy garden pumpkin without some fairy dust…


Sparkly and proud to be in her new fairy garden home-looking good!


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