Cotton-Tales: Meet the Fairy Garden Bunnies!

Springtime is blossoming out into the world. It’s only two days to go before spring has officially arrived. All around the fairy kingdoms and fairy gardens, a fairies and animals have begun the preparations to greet it as best as they can. Everyone, from the fairies to the bunnies, has started to come awake and […]

Roll Out The Rainbow Fairy Items for St. Patrick's Day!

When you think of St. Patrick’s Day, you think of one color: green. But why settle for one color when you can have seven? One of the surprisingly overlooked options for St. Patrick’s Day is the beautiful rainbow. Why not bring in this magical, enchanting bow of brilliant colors into a fairy garden for St. […]

Wee Treats and Delights to Eat at the Fairy Garden for St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick’s Day is approaching with all the swiftness of a forming rainbow after the rain. It’s a burst of green, gold, and rainbow colors after a long, cold winter, preparing to usher in the most brilliant springtime of flowers and good fortune. This also means that magical friends, the Leprechauns and Irish Fae, are […]

Lucky Rabbit's Foot: Bunnies and Coffees for St. Patrick's Day

So much magic, and a lot of it is lucky magic, is gathering around the fairy kingdom during St. Patrick’s Day! This is an extra special day of luck, joy, and enchantment around fairies, as their friends the leprechauns come to visit. They come from the Emerald Isle, one of the most magical places on […]

Fairies of Luck: St. Patrick's Day-Themed Fairy Garden Furnishings

At the approach of St. Patrick’s Day, all the fairies are preparing to celebrate. Everything seems so much greener,  so much brighter, and so much more magical. This is especially important to note as their Irish friends, the leprechauns, will be coming for a visit. Ireland is one of the most magical islands in the […]

Bread Bounties: Fairy Bread and Pastries that Fairies Love!

As it turns out, fairies love sweet snacks, and among those snacks, they love fairy bread and pastries the most! Sweet breads and sugary bites are one of the best ways to attract and invite fairies into a garden. There are all sorts of delicious sweets and treats that a fairy could enjoy in a […]

Sweet Springtime Flowers to Draw Fairies into A Garden

Flowers are the secret to attracting fairies into a fairy garden. After all, fairies love sweet scents and colors! Fairies are naturally drawn to wonderful, sweet fragrances and bright, colorful things. And with the coming of Spring, it’s the perfect opportunity to add a new wealth of blossoms into a garden. An abundance of flowers, […]

Fairy Home: Where Do Different Fairies Live?

A fairy home can be found in nearly every nook and cranny all over the world. Fairies from different lands and different places may find different locations to live in. Whether they live in the city or they live in the countryside, there are quite a few places where a fairy might choose to live. […]

Let's Party! Party Items, Treats, and Drinks for a Fairy Garden Shindig

There’s no party quite like a fairy shindig, fill of wonderful party items and tiny, treasured surprises. Perhaps one of the fairies at home is celebrating their 200th birthday, or maybe a new fairy has come to town. Perhaps a new adventure had been completed, or maybe a special occasion in the year is coming. […]

Make a Brew: Fairy Potions and Supplies

Fairy magic can be a lot more than wand waving and fairy dusts: fairy potions are another preciously wonderful way that fairies express their enchantments. These tiny but potent fairy potions have a multitude of different effects, casting a shining glow on nature or on beings that receive them. Fairy potions may be small, but […]