Enjoy a Fairy Dessert with Summer Cakes and Bakes

They say that one of the best ways to draw fairies into a garden is to lay out some sweet things for them to eat. Fairies are especially fond of sweets, as any story about them might tell you. In fact, they graciously reward humans who give them something sweet to eat! This summer is […]

Serve Up A Slice of Joy with a Fairy Pizza Party

It’s time for a delicious surprise in the Fairy Garden: a pizza party has been laid out! You might have been thinking, do fairies only eat sweet things such as pastries, candies, and sweet bakes? Not so! Though it’s true that fairies are very much attracted to sweets, particularly sweets in a fairy garden (they […]

A Fabulous Fairy Tea Party is About to Start!

There’s something brewing in the fairy garden today: It looks like a wonderful fairy tea party is all set and ready to start! Fairies love their tea parties in the garden, especially now that summer has come. During brilliant sunny days filled with the sound of chirping birds and buzzing bees, heading outside under a […]

A Fairy Garden with a Beach as a Fairy Seaside Vacation!

With the summer sun shining so brightly, beaming down at forests and gardens everywhere, some fairies may start dreaming of a wonderful beach vacation. In a place where you’re surrounded with trees and closed in by land, who wouldn’t dream of a vast open space where the waves crash and there’s a saltwater breeze rustling […]

Fairy Seaside Lunch for Two!

The fairies have gone to the beaches for the summer, and they’re looking forward to spending plenty of time out in the sun, the sand, and the sea. They’ve packed all their things and headed off to the glorious white sands, ready for a day of play. But all that play bright and early in […]

The Summer's Best Mermaid Items and Inspirations

Now that summer has finally come, the beaches have come alive. The most wonderful of magical sea creatures would be splashing and playing just beneath the surface, singing in the moonlight and calling playfully with their lovely voices. Mermaids have long since captivated the imagination of believers in magic and enchantment. They remain as one […]

What's In A Fairy Breakfast?

Have you ever wondered what fairies have for breakfast? You might be surprised to find out that just like you and me, a fairy breakfast consists of familiar, delicious foods that help fairies start their day—just smaller than human portions! Fairies in the fairy garden enjoy a good, filling, and sweet meal for the day […]

Lend a Hand for Fairy Harvest Time!

With flowers blooming, plants sprouting, and trees bearing fruit, the fairies have started pulling in their summer harvest. With the bright sun shining down, they’ve begun to use their magic to draw the best fruits of their labor off the trees and bushes and into their harvest stores. While everything is plentiful, fairies start gathering […]

Summer Fruit and Wine in the Fairy Garden

When the sun is beaming brightly from the sky, casting a golden glow onto fairy gardens everywhere, it’s nice to go out on a picnic and enjoy some fruit and wine out in the summer breeze. This splendid scene will bring joy to every fairy in the garden, serving up a delicious spread of wine, […]

Pots and Planters for a Fairy Garden

Plenty of new fairies moving into your fairy garden, especially now that summer is nigh? Perhaps it’s time to bring in some new places and furnishings for the garden where fairies can live, work and play! A fresh set of planters during spring and summer, when the plants will have plenty of sunshine opportunity to […]