Find a Fall Fairy Set to Match the Autumn Colors!

In what will feel like no time at all, the leaves will start to turn color, creating a huge palette of rosy, russet, and golden tones all across the enchanted forests that fairies know and love. Fall is slowly creeping into fairy gardens all over the world, transforming the forests in such a way that […]

Enchanted Eight: Fantastic Fairy Furniture

This week’s Enchanted Eight features some splendid fairy sets and furnishings that spreads a burst of color and fluttering brilliance onto any fairy garden. When fairies go out and play in the summer sunshine, they will want some lovely furnishings and features to the landscape, such as flowery playsets and pretty cottage homes. Fairies like […]

Bookworms: Fairies and Creatures That Love Reading!

It’s almost the season to head back to school, and even the fairies are having a good time getting some summer reading put away before that happens! Even the fairy world has its share of bookworms who just love to read. They’re all fairies and other magical creatures who you’ll always find reading or has […]

Fantasy Forest Fairy Homes and Cottages

Out in the enchanted forests full of hidden secrets and woodland magic, many fairies have lived unseen for generations. What may seem like fireflies flitting around forests in the warmer days of summer may be the light of fairies as they make their way into their hidden homes throughout the forest! It won’t be easy […]

Enchanted Eight: Fluttering Flower Fairies

This week’s Enchanted Eight brings us to a lovely little village among the flowers, where a group of fairies live and enjoy living out their days amidst the blossoms. It’s summer, after all, and their village is in full bloom. Even the fairies themselves seem to be blooming, with their petal-colored wings and clothing in […]

Shining, Shimmering Unicorn Jewelry

Unicorns have been a source of fascination and inspiration to so many lovers of fairies and fantasy all over the world. These elusive, enchanting creatures that are famed in myth and legend have always been the source of the most incredible magic. They are exceedingly rare and pure, and they only trust those with equally […]

Favorite Pets and Familiars for Fairies

Fairies love their pets, just like we do! Pets and familiars are family to fairies, just like our own pet dogs and cats are in our homes. The only difference may be the fact that fairies, being creatures of the gardens and the forests, of wood and of meadows, may have different varieties of pets […]

Enchanted Eight: Life and Family in the Garden

This week’s Enchanted Eight is all about the wonderful life and family of fairies in the fairy garden. Like us, fairies have wonderful lives that involve family and everyday living. All the beautiful fairies in this week’s Enchanted Eight are enjoying happy, peaceful lives in the fairy garden, in the comfort of the ones they […]

Must-Have Items for a Garden In a Fairy Garden

Here’s a unique idea for a fairy garden: a garden within a garden! Fairies do love to work hard and tend to greenery. They love the forest and all its plants and the flowers. It’s natural that some of them might want to create their own little enchanted garden and tend to it much in […]

Set Sail for Summer Seas with Fairy Garden Pirates

The seas are warm and the sunsets are magical this summer, with hundreds of thousands of bioluminescent wonders illuminating in mermaid lagoons and more. But for those seeking to quench the thirst of adventure in their hearts, they only need to look to the horizon in the distance—from the fog of early morning seas, with […]