Fairy Farm to Table: Vegetables and Fruits Fairy Garden Accessories

Fairy Farm to Table: Vegetables and Fruits Fairy Garden Accessories

The farm to table movement has inspired many to go organic or plant their own produce right in their backyard. In the fairy world, fairies are great farmers and love to grow their own produce. Let's explore the different vegetables and fruits fairy garden accessories that are great additions to your own little magical garden.


Vegetables and Fruits Fairy Garden Accessories for Little Fairies

Fairies enjoy growing their own fruits and vegetables, so it comes as no surprise that their harvest are always abundant. They use their magic to make sure that crops grow optimally throughout the seasons. To attract little hardworking fairies to your garden, here are some vegetables and fruits fairy garden accessories that they'll love to discover.


Fairy Farm to Table: Vegetables and Fruits Fairy Garden Accessories


  1. Farm Fresh Fairy Garden Vegetables

Check out this amazing harvest! The fairies have worked hard all year round to receive a great yield this year with these awesome crops. This collection features three dozen vegetables for your fairy garden. It includes an assortment of fresh red tomatoes, green pea pods, freshly harvested corn, bright orange carrots, great potatoes, and some crunchy broccoli. These are all handmade and created with no molds or paint. You can also opt to purchase the crate. The veggies start at $6.30 at Etsy.

  1. Farm Fresh Fairy Garden Purple Eggplants

Fairies also love to grow crops to share with other fairy communities. Like us, each community has their own trading activities, where they trade fruits, vegetables, and other crops. This set of five eggplants are a great addition to any fairy garden. They're all handmade and created with no molds. Crate sold separately. Eggplants available at Etsy for $1.05.

  1. Harvest Vegetables 4 Piece Set for Fairy Garden

This unique set of harvest fairy garden accessories will capture the imagination of your fairies and your young children and grandchildren. This collection features a carrot, radish, onion, and turnip, which are all ready to be harvested for a great stew or salad. Each item features a bright green top and can be buried into the garden soil for fairies to pick up. This Peter Rabbit Secret Garden collection is available at Etsy for $5.99.

  1. Fairy Garden Miniature Garlic for Fairy Farm

Garlic is one of the most important ingredients when it comes to cooking scrumptious meals. Fairies grow garlic to make sure that all their fairy dishes have a magical flavor to them. These realistic garlic bulbs come are so realistic and carefully crafted to bring about awesome flavors. It also comes with a cute little wooden crate! Available at Etsy for $5.44.

  1. Fairy Garden Basket of Mixed Peppers

For a great Mexican dish, fairies grow a variety of peppers, such as red, yellow, and green peppers. They harvest these peppers when their color turns vibrant and its texture is crunchy and ready to eat. This item features six assorted peppers and a cute little wicker basket that fairies even made themselves! Such a dainty addition to your little fairy garden. Get this at Etsy for $6.76.

Fairy Farm to Table: Vegetables and Fruits Fairy Garden Accessories
  1. Miniature Coconut for Fairy Garden

Because of their magical powers, fairies can also grow fruits that are not native to the country and climate. These amazingly realistic miniature coconuts are a cute addition to your fairy garden! It's made of Thai clay and each branch features nine coconuts. Fairies love to drink coconut water and make sweets out of its meat. Get this adorable little fairy garden accessory at Etsy for $8.00.

  1. Basket of Miniature Oranges

To make the best citrus fruit juice, you always have to have the best oranges. Fairies have just harvested some oranges from their farm and collected them into this rustic basket. They're selling it for five cents apiece and have kept some to make refreshing, freshly squeezed orange juice for their fairy friends. The rustic basket is made of wood and painted over with acrylic to give it its weathered look. It also features three handles for easier carrying by your fairy friends! The oranges are made from polymer, while its leaves are made of paper. Available at Etsy for $9.50.

  1. Apples and Apple Crate for Fairy Garden

These shiny apples are so tempting! We totally understand why Snow White was so attracted to them. These shiny red apples were freshly harvested and are ready to go into the kitchen! Fairies are busy preparing to bake up a storm and create some juicy, delicious apple pie. Deliver this crate to your fairies by purchasing it from Etsy for $3.95.

  1. Banana Bunch

Brighten up your harvest with the addition of these freshly picked bananas! Fairies love to make banana cake and other banana delicacies, such as chips. Add this to any fairy basket or crate for an adorable variation of fruits and vegetables. Available at Etsy for $3.99.

  1. Rows of Miniature Vegetables, Fairy Garden Miniatures

Here's a little amazing fairy garden accessory to add to your collection: pre-made rows of miniature vegetables! What a fun idea! These rows can be used indoor or outdoors and measure about 2.5 inches long. Rows offer different variety in vegetables, including cauliflower, lettuce, onions, carrots, cabbage, or beets. Available at Etsy for $3.50 each.


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