Fairy Garden DIY: A Rough Winter

My Fairy Garden-A Rough Winter

I wanted to share with you my fairy garden that I have had for four years. Even though I had it winter over in my greenhouse it still had a rough go of it! So time to bring it back to life!

Here we go.. the fairy garden makeover! As you can see it is in need of some TLC!

In my greenhouse I took out all the small fairy garden items and left only the two large trees, and a small one, looks rather sad. Never fear because we are going to make it beautiful!

Fg rough winter2

I put in some fresh potting soil mixed with some great fertilizer to freshen up the soil and I start placing the fairy garden items back into the garden. Then I start to plant some of the plants.

Fg rough winter 3

Looks better already!

This is just after I planted all the plants and added new gravel. I then used light colored gravel to create a river bed that runs under the bridge. Then, I washed the blue pond stones off to give them back their sparkle of fresh water. Finished off the garden with some new rust colored gravel to give it that fresh FG look! Must get ready for Buttercup’s arrival..

FG rough winter

This is after one month after the makeover, look at the cute small flowers appearing. The little tree is also getting some new growth-had a tough winter poor little guy!

Fg rough winter5

Here are items/accessories I used. Just click on the link below to see more.

fg post PIC


Gazing Balls



As you can see the plants are loving the new garden and I sense we will be having a fairy sighting soon!

fg rough winter 6

I have several birds throughout my garden, as you know the fairies love all animals and actually make them their pets. This little canary has a beautiful song she sings daily!

fg rough winter 7

Well, look who we get the rare privilege of seeing in the daylight-Fantasies Buttercup….she has been living in my garden for 4 years. At the beginning of winter before I bring her big fairy garden into the greenhouse, I create an indoor garden and place it near her big garden. I wait a few days for her signal which is she leaves a piece of tinsel on the indoor plants so I know she is safe and warm in the new garden. I then place Buttercup and the indoor garden in my sunroom by the window-she loves it there! She then has a warm and restful winter season!

fg rough winter 8

You can see Buttercup in the distance and note how well the plants are doing!

fg rough winter 9

This is Buttercup’s pet, puppy Joey which she takes indoors with her for the winter-he is such a good boy!

fg rough winter 10

If you have a fairy garden and want to share your photos contact me at support@www.teeliesfairygarden.com  We are starting an inspirational board on our website and would love to post your fairy garden.


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