10 Cutest Small Fairy Garden Plants

In the land of make-believe, there are only the tiniest, most charming fairies, gnomes, dragons, and magical creatures.They are often small in size and live in a magical fairy garden that is full of wonder and delight. These fairy gardens are often equipped with lots of miniatures, which are lovely, detailed furniture such as swings […]

Fairy Garden Basics: How to Start Your Own Fairy Garden

In today's fairy garden blog, we're going back to basics and exploring the ways in which you can start your own fairy garden right at your backyard. If you're a new enthusiast, you would understandably want to start small, which is why we have all the essential information and tips that you'll need to take […]

Color of Royalty: Purple Fairy Garden Plants

Over the weekend, the world watched with dropped jaws as Prince Harry wed Meghan Markle in a fairytale wedding at St George's Chapel at Windsor Castle. After the magical event that left most of us breathless with the bride's beauty and grace and the groom's utter handsomeness, we're off to dream about our own fairytale […]

Upcycling Old Items for Your Fairy Garden

Fairy gardens are a truly magical work of art. After all, a lot of accessories are often lovingly made by hand out of resin by artists and crafting enthusiasts. But you need not be an artist or a craft maker to create stunning fairy gardens. If you're the type who enjoys reusing, repurposing, and recycling […]

Our Favorite Fairy Garden Accessory Sets for Spring

What better way to celebrate the coming of the new season than with these amazing new fairy garden accessory sets that are sure to bring to life a magical garden right at home? These delightful fairy garden accessories will make you want to relax and enjoy the spring breeze among your fairy friends. 1. Mood […]

DIY Easter Fairy Garden in a Basket

Today, I’m sharing with you an exciting project that’s perfect for Easter – a DIY Easter fairy garden in a basket that’s fun for everyone! Easter fairy gardens in baskets will make great gifts to kids with a bit of sweets, of course. I used artificial miniature plants and succulents for this project. However, if […]

DIY Spring Garland Using Daisies & Peonies

I am so into my spring element lately! I decided to go through my craft drawers to jumpstart spring cleaning but guess what, I found more than enough materials to make another project – a DIY spring garland! I am positive I got all of the materials below from Michael’s. They have great quality items […]

DIY Fairy Garden Furniture: How to Make a Miniature Rose Cabinet That’s Perfect for Spring

Did you know that you can transform wood planks into a spring-perfect fairy garden item with just a bit of creativity? For today’s DIY fairy garden furniture, I transformed wood into a fairy garden rose cabinet with just six items and in four easy steps. Here’s how I did it.

The Fairies Join in The Cause For Breast Cancer Awareness

Hello Fairy Lovers! This is the DIY on how I made the glamorous, rustic pretty in pink fairy house for this BCA fairy garden in support of Breast Cancer Awareness. I actually raided my old jewelry box to glam up Ms. Pumpkin. Please, also take a look at our blog post to see all the […]

Magical Sweet DIY Fairy Garden Shopping List

  Hello, Fairy Lovers! I wanted to create a garden in my video that had more fairy accessories in it to give more of a Magical effect. Below is a shopping list from the video that I have put together so you can see what I used and how to find it. You might love […]