Fairy Garden Handmade Spring Essentials

Spring is the season of new beginnings. Fresh buds bloom, animals awaken from hibernation, and the earth comes to life again.

And speaking of new beginnings, why not begin your new Spring Handmade themed fairy garden? We’ve rounded up items you essentially need to start your very own Spring Handmade inspired fairy garden.

Check out these Spring Handmade essentials now. Just click on the item description to see more.


SET A copy

A.  FAIRY GARDEN HANDMADE FAIRY HOUSE – What is a fairy garden without a humble abode for an adorable fairy? The flowers, the cute butterfly, and the adorable little windows would make the fairies stay in your garden as long as they would want to.

B.  FAIRY GARDEN HANDMADE GNOME This little fellow here is always there for the fairies. Mr. Gnome and his friends are always glad to help in taking care of the plants.

C.  FAIRY GARDEN HANDMADE FLOWERSAdd flowers in your Spring Handmade themed fairy garden. We chose these yellow flowers but you can always throw in some purple, baby blue and baby pink flowers!

D.  FAIRY GARDEN HANDMADE MAILBOXAdd a mailbox as well so fairy messengers will know where to put the mail.


SET B copy

A.   FAIRY GARDEN SPRING BENCH – This fairy garden handmade spring bench would be great when placed near a pond.

B.  FAIRY GARDEN MUSHROOM FURNITURE – Have you seen what the gnomes did? They created this very charming mushroom furniture and the fairies surely will love it. It is perfect for a fairy garden picnic on a sunny day.

C.  FAIRY GARDEN HANDMADE LANTERNS – This fairy garden handmade lanterns will light up your fairy’s pathway at night. We chose baby blue cause the fairies love pastel colors!

D.  FAIRY GARDEN SPRING POND – Fairies are nature loving so we include in the list this adorable fairy garden spring pond. The pond has a Koi and the fairies would surely would be fond of taking care of it.


These are just a few of the items that we recommend for you Spring Handmade themed fairy garden. Use your creativity and start making your garden today!





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