Fairy Garden’s Cutest Critters You Should Know

Hello Fairy Lovers!

Fairies are loving and gentle magical creatures. They always see the good in everything; whether it’s big or small. They especially love the critters! While they’re not busy at work, they play with birds, bugs and butterflies.

Fairies think of critters as creatures that are really fun and adorable. They always bring joy to every magical creature they meet. These critters make every fairyland more wonderful and whimsical.

Do you have any of these little ones in your fairy garden? If not, then you should check out this post!

We’ve sum up the cutest critters that we know you’ll love too.



Blue Birds on a Leaf Twig

These blue birds are having a nice chat as they’re resting on a twig. The fairies often join them

Two Birds on a Twig

These two adorable birds are resting on a twig with their ladybug friend!

Little Owls

These cute little owls are having fun! The fairies love to join them as they read books about fairy tales!




Colorful Butterfly Picks

The fairies adore these butterflies’ colorful vibrant wings!

Mini Butterflies

Aren’t these butterflies lovely? They bring color and fun to the garden! Especially to the enchanted folks!

Butterfly Stakes

These butterflies are very helpful to the flower fairies! They help pollinate plants. And they’re very colorful too!




Mini Bees

These bees are not just gorgeous, they’re helpful too! They are the best pollinators in the garden and a big help to the flower fairies!

Mini Caterpillars

Oftentimes, the fairies take good care of the caterpillars because one day, they’ll turn to beautiful butterflies!

Mini Ladybugs

These ladybugs are very cute and fun to be with. That’s why the fairies love to hang out with them!

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