The Fairy Scoop – September 1, 2016

Updates from Teelie’s Fairyland!

I wanted to share with you the latest in the “The Fairy Scoop.”

Hello, Fairy Lovers! Today I bring you some Fall fairy garden goodies, a fairy tree, the cutest forest fairy, fairy villages, teacup planters, our new Free fairy story and teacup fairies.

Meet the Fairies-we are introducing Faylin, the Thanksgiving/Fall Fairy, and Cookie the Country Fair Fairy. They are proud to show you their complete line of their fairy products they have designed themselves. I know you will love them!We have just released the fifth Free Fairy Garden Story in our series-the new fairy story is “Meridia The Naming Fairy” and she has a unique talent for naming baby fairies! To receive weekly Free Fairy Stories please click Here

Have fun and enjoy because “It’s a Fairy thing”!

[su_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=goOeBsn3WB8″ width=”700″]

Forest Fairy

Forest Fairy

By Magical Fairies

Fairy-Story Telling Tree

Telling Tree

By FairyDustedMiniature

Attractive Wooden Fairy Door with Tree of Life Emblem

Wooden Fairy Door

By Massiemuffins

Pumpkin Patch Fairy Garden Kit

Pumpkin Patch Fairy Garden Kit

By GnomeWoods

Updates From Teelie's Fairy Garden

Art Festival

Teacup Planters

Fairy village

Teacup Fairies

Cafepress – Cookie, the Country Fair Fairy

cookie - cafepressA. Women's Zip Hoodie

B. Travel Mug

C. Neoprene Lunch Bag

D. Diaper Bag

E. Body Suit

Cafepress – Faylin, the Thanksgiving/Fall Fairy

fall - cafepress

A. Teddy Bear

B. Plus Size T-Shirt

C. Luggage Tag

D. Fairy Mug

E. Neoprene Lunch Bag

Redbubble – Cookie, the Country Fair Fairy

cookie - redbubbleA. Women's T-Shirt

B. Chiffon Top

C. A-line Dress

D. Leggings

E. Drawstring Bag

Redbubble –  Faylin, the Thanksgiving/Fall Fairy

fall - redbubble

A. Chiffon Top

B. A-Line Dresses

C. Leggings

D. iPhone Case/Skin

E. Throw Pillows

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