Fourth of July: Red, White, and Blue Flowers for Your Fairy Garden

A magical fairy garden is one that is full of color and love. This Fourth of July, as we celebrate Independence Day, we look back on the events that have shaped our history to become the United States of America. With red, white, and blue flowers for your fairy garden, your fairy friends will know the spirit of Independence Day and the importance of the Fourth of July as Americans. Let us discover the best red, white, and blue flowers for fairy gardens during this time of the year!


Fourth of July Inspired Blooms

Summer is the best time for perennials to grow. Unlike annuals, perennials bloom through spring and summer and remain dormant in winter. Annuals on the other hand are best planted during the spring and summer seasons and tend to die in winter. For the Fourth of July, we have some of the best red, white, and blue perennial plants to create a wonderful, Independence Day-inspired garden.


Red, White, and Blue Flowers for Your Fairy Garden

The Reds

  1. Scarlet Sage

Scarlet Sage provides a gorgeous, vibrant red to your fairy garden. Fairies will also love having this plant around, as it attracts their friends, the birds and butterflies. This plant is best planted about a feet apart and will grow up to about one to two feet tall. Seeds are available at Amazon for $4.99.

  1. Hummingbird Trumpet Vine

The dark red variant of the Hummingbird Trumpet Vine is a striking addition to your fairy garden. As a perennial, it is fast-growing and easy to grow. Its elongated blooms are vibrant and attract hummingbirds to your garden, which your fairy friends will absolutely love. Get seeds at Amazon for $1.98.

  1. Livermere Poppy

Summer is the perfect time for Livermere Poppies to grow, as it loves full sun and thrives in rich, fertile, easily draining soil. Its flowers are soft and papery and has a deep red tinge to it, with a dark purple filaments. Seeds are available on at Amazon for $3.00.


The Whites

  1. Rhododendron

Fairies will love the Rhododendron, which blooms during spring and summer. Rhododendrons are related to the Azaleas and prefer rainy summers than dry ones. Make sure they aren’t too hot or too cold, as they are quite sensitive that way. Proven Winners’ Bloom-A-Thon series offers the White Azalea Rhododendron Hybrid, which is a crisp white bloom with heavily ruffled edges. Seeds are available at Amazon for $9.99.

  1. Cosmos

Cosmos is an annual that is best planted well after the winter’s cold has gone. When planted and cared for well, Cosmos offers large, pure white flowers that are long-lasting. They are fairly easy to grow, as long as their temperature requirement is considered. Get Cosmos seeds at Amazon for $9.99.

Red, White, and Blue Flowers for Your Fairy Garden
  1. White Pansy

Pansies often come in white, yellow, purple, or blue. Some variants even have two colors in one flower. White pansies offer a clean, polished look with a small yellow beard growing in the center of its large, white petals. White Pansy seeds are available at Amazon for $3.63.

  1. Snowbulbs

Dainty and sweet, Snowbulbs are often found in woodlands, where fairies roam, churchyards, and parks and gardens. These Snowbulbs are truly magical and one of a kind, as they are a perennial that blooms even in late winter and all throughout spring. It features nodding, downward facing blooms that seem shy and timid. Fairies love to flitter about underneath its small, pure white bulbs. Seeds are available at Amazon for $2.00.

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The Blues

  1. Blue Morning Glory

Morning Glory is a crawling vine that’s often best planted by fences and spaces where they can grow. The Blue Morning Glory produces vibrant blue flowers on its long, vining stems. Its star-shaped flower has a small bright yellow center and will bloom all throughout summer. Get your seeds at Amazon for $7.85.

  1. Blue Flax Wildflower

The Blue Flax Wildflower is a perennial plant native to western North America and the Pacific Coast. It is also called Linum lewisii in honor of the explorer Meriwether Lewis who wrote about his discoveries about the wildflower. Make sure to plant this in an area in your garden that gets full sun. It will bloom early in the spring and bring you gorgeously blue-toned flowers. Non-GMO seeds are available at Amazon for $6.95.

  1. Chinese Forget Me Not

Chinese Forget Me Not, or Cynoglossum Amiable offers dainty, small blue flowers on its hairy, stringy stems. As an annual, it grows best in the cool spring weather and will bloom generously towards the end of summer. Your fairy friends will grow fascinated with these tiny flowers that attract butterflies and hummingbirds to your fairy garden. Open pollinated seeds are available at Amazon for $6.95.



Your fairy garden friends can also partake in celebrating Independence Day with these amazing red, white, and blue flowers. The best parts of the Fourth of July holiday is spending time with people we care about the most, including our fairy friends. Have a meaningful holiday!


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