How Fairy Gardens Bring Magic Into Your Home

Fairy gardens are always a magnificent addition to your home. It brings luck, joy, and magic into one's life because it attracts fairies who bring good fortune and blessings. You might have even inherited the idea from your grandparents, who kept fairy gardens in their backyard. Fairies are often visible to very young children or the elderly because of these people are the ones who have a stronger belief in magic. Today, we're exploring the many ways fairy gardens bring magic into your home.


Today, fairy gardens come in an array of shapes and sizes, depending mostly on the type of container you have. Container gardening has become a trend in home improvement and gardening, and has also influenced the way people design their fairy gardens. Fairy gardens bring magic into your home with the way it is designed and created. If you enjoy putting together a fairy garden, you'll know what a magical experience it is to curate little accessorise based on your preferred theme. It's also a joy to discover the talented individuals behind the cutest fairy garden accessories in the market today. Whether handmade or bought from a store, fairy garden accessories bring magic into your home because it helps you imagine the lives of your fairy friends.


Here are some of the amazing and magical fairy garden picks that will help bring magic into your home.


How Fairy Gardens Bring Magic Into Your Home
  1. Fairy Garden Wishing Well

Enchanting fairies often have the power to grant wishes. But what most don't know is that fairies are the ones who cast spells on wishing wells and grant them their wish-granting powers. Wishing wells only truly become magical with fairy dust. Once a fairy waves her fairy dust into a well, it becomes a wishing well, where wishes are more likely to come true, if the wish-maker has a kind heart. You can add a wishing well to your fairy garden by purchasing this unique handmade item at Etsy for $25.50.

  1. Fairy Door ‘Iris' in Blue

To the human eye, a fairy door is merely a miniature door. But the truth is, it's not just another door. The fairy door is actually a portal to another dimension where fairies roam wild and free and do not hide from humans. Fairy doors are often very small and found at the foot of a large tree. The tree is their home and where they get their life force. This uniquely shaped, handmade fairy door is available at Etsy for $24.00.

  1. Fairy Swing

To attract fairies to come and stay in your fairy garden or keep them coming back, you have to have amenities. Just think of your favorite hotel or vacation spot. What amenities do they have that you enjoy coming back to? In this case, fairies love a fairy garden that allows them to play. This fairy swing will allow them to do just that, especially during nice afternoons when the sun is out in the clear sky. This fairy swing is attractive with its floral accents. Get his at Etsy for $12.00.

  1. Fairy Garden Metal Bicycle Built for Two

As mentioned earlier, fairies love to play and a bicycle like this will surely be very inviting for them. This quaint little piece is a bicycle for two little fairy best friends to ride. It also includes two little Coca-Cola bottles for when they're thirsty from biking around the fairy garden. This little fairy treat is available at Etsy for $8.20.

  1. Miniature Rain Boots

Fairies love a fairy garden they can hang out in with any kind of weather. If you leave some rain boots out for them, they'll surely appreciate your effort! Fairies can easily slip into these yellow and green rain boots when the clouds come in. They won't be afraid of the rain, as their feet will be kept warm and protected with these miniature boots. Available at Etsy for $1.99.

How Fairy Gardens Bring Magic Into Your Home
  1. Miniature Pink Lemonade

To make sure that fairies know they're welcome in your garden, leave out some refreshments for them! This delightful set of fairy garden accessories feature a glass pitcher and two glasses of pink lemonade with strawberry and lime slices. This will surely refresh your fairy friends after a day out in the sun. They'll also love that you're thinking of them and care enough to keep them hydrated. Available at Etsy for $16.80.

  1. Miniature Ivory Metal Furniture/Patio Set

A great fairy garden always has a place for fairies to rest. Take this miniature patio set that is colored ivory and made of metal. Its quaint design also features a “glass top” just like the furniture found in your house! This totally realistic set is a vintage item from the 1980s and is available at Etsy for $36.00.

  1. Wooden Rocking Chair for Fairy Garden

To make your fairy garden more welcoming, add this wooden rocking chair that fairies will enjoy sitting on. It features a high-backed rocker and a slated back seat for their utmost comfort. It's such a classic addition to any fairy garden. Available at Etsy for $4.99.

  1. Wood Fired Fairy Garden Sign, “Fairies Welcome” Hanging Sign

This artistically crafted “Fairies Welcome” sign is handmade and wood fired, which makes it unique addition to your fairy garden. Fairies will definitely love this sign! This amazing work of art is available at Etsy for $10.00.

  1. Tabby Cottage Fairy House

Last but certainly not the least is this Tabby Cottage Fry House which roof can be used to plant succulents and other plants. This Tabby Cottage will attract fairies because it is quaint and warm inside, which they will surely enjoy especially on cool summer nights. The roof is also removable, so you can place some lights inside to make it more inviting for fairies, especially in the evenings. Get this at Etsy for $75.60.


A true fairy garden is one that is welcoming to your fairy friends. Bring magic into your home with these magnificent fairy garden accessories that will truly charm both your human and fairy friends.


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