How to Create a Fairy Garden Brunch Scene

A fairy garden is home to magic, love, and joy. It is a place where anything goes, as long as you keep your imagination running free. With fairy gardens, you can create any scene you'd like, such as a fairy garden brunch scene. In today's Fairy Garden blog, we're going to discover just how to create a fairy garden brunch scene with your fairy friends. At the end of this post, don't forget to catch up on yesterday's discussion on food fairy garden accessories.


Fairy Garden Brunch Scene for Fairies, Pixies, and Gnomes

One of the essentials of creating a fairy garden brunch scene is having a nice outdoor patio set for fairies to have their hearty meals in. Next, you'll need some snacks or food that your fairy garden friends will enjoy eating. Fairies love sweets and all kinds of tasty food. Don't forget the refreshments and some sweet treats to end the meal! Let's dive into our list of essential fairy garden brunch scene accessories.

Fairy Garden Brunch Scene


  1. Fairy Bistro Table Set

Having meals outdoors is always fun with a chic bistro table set that's perfect for your fairy friends. Painted in a gorgeous cream color, this classic table and chair set are best for fairies and gnome gardens. Here, they can have brunch and talk about their favorite things. They'll truly have a magical time with this set of two chairs and one table. You can even order the set with the cake and a pair of plates and two forks. The set with the miniature food, plates, and cutlery is available at Etsy for $38.00.

  1. Fairy Garden Lunch Set, Sandwiches, Fruit & Donuts

Brunch or lunch gatherings are always made complete with good food. Did you know that fairies make delicious food with ingredients homegrown in their very own gardens? That's why the food is always extra tasty and fresh, because they take extra care of their gardens. This hefty selection includes two bottles of pink lemonade juiced from their garden. It also has an apple and orange the fairies grew and picked themselves. There are two ham sandwiches, a plate of sugar-raised donuts, and a white crocheted tablecloth. Get the entire set at Etsy for $11.77.

  1. Fairy Garden Lunch, Sandwiches, Rose Cupcakes and Coffee

Here's a more romantic option for fairies who are going on a lunch date. This gorgeous set features two ham sandwiches in a very cute, detailed Kaiser roll. It also includes rose cupcakes baked with love and magic and two cups of warm coffee. You'll also get a white cake plate and two white oval plates, and a pink rose and gray tablecloth. Get this at Etsy for $13.33.

  1. Miniature Starbucks Coffee for Fairies

Brunch also calls for a cup of warm coffee. Starbucks lovers will definitely enjoy this tiny treat for their fairy friends. It's made of resin and has the Starbucks logo on a to-go cup. Let your fairy friends experience the awesomeness of Starbucks coffee with this little fairy garden accessory. Available at Etsy for $1.85.

  1. Fairy Garden Sweets

Fairies absolutely love to have sweets to go with their Starbucks coffee. This plate contains a pair of cupcakes, two cinnamon rolls, and four chocolate chip cookies. All of this was lovingly baked and made at home by your fairy friends! Get this set (without the white tray) at Etsy for $6.15.

Fairy Garden Brunch Scene
  1. Fairy Table for Two

This artistically crafted fairy table has everything you need for a fairy garden brunch scene. This gorgeous set features a woodland tree stump table and pair of chairs adorned with flowers. It also features tiny pastries on green ceramic plates and a glass pitcher with sweet mango juice. Fairies love sweet mango juice, so they'll definitely enjoy this treat. Get the entire set at Etsy for $48.00.

  1. Snack Platter

Did someone say brunch party? If you have a lot of fairy friends coming over for brunch, go for this exciting snack platter that features different types of tasty grub! It has roast beef and spinach wraps and turkey and cream cheese wraps. It also features grilled chicken with sliced onion and jalapeños. Cheese-loving fairies can feast on sliced cheddar, Swiss and pepper jack cheeses. Vegetarian fairies can go for red bell pepper and carrot sticks, while others can enjoy grain spinach pockets and sourdough slices. There's also some potato chips and pesto tortilla chips. Top this off with some sour cream and chive dip, chili bean dip, and guacamole and diced tomatoes. What an exciting treat! Get this at Etsy for $29.50.

  1. Miniature Wine Coolers

Keep your fairy friends refreshed over brunch with these super cute miniature wine coolers. This is a set of six that includes a carrier, so your fairies can easily bring it over for brunch. They'll definitely love the different sweet flavors of this selection! Available at Etsy for $12.49.

  1. Miniature Pecan Pie

Pies are undeniably delicious and filling, especially when it's baked with love and magic by your fairy friends. Complete your brunch scene with this miniature pecan pie that looks like the real thing! The whole pecan pie is available for $9.99, while each slice can be purchased for $2.99, both at Etsy.

  1. Fairy Garden Bike and Wine Basket, Bon Appetit!

Your fairy friends will come to your brunch party ready with this rustic little bike, complete with a wine basket set. Fairies love to ride bikes and don't just rely on their wings to get around. This set features the rustic bike, with a basket holding a bottle of wine, loaf of bread,a and a cluster of grapes. Perfect for a brunch date! Get this at Etsy for $14.95.


To create a fairy garden brunch scene, imagine your favorite meals and snacks. If you used to host brunch parties or gatherings, it will surely bring back memories of those days. Fairies love hosting gatherings too, especially with good food. To know more about food fairy garden accessories, don't miss yesterday's blog post, which link you can find below.

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