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Introducing Iaada The International Fairy


Who Is Iaada?

I am Iaada the International Fairy and I love learning new things and meeting new people. This is why Fairy Headquarters chose me to take on the role of International Fairy. I travel the world and get to try new cuisines, see new flowers, experience new climates and clothing styles. I’d like to invite you to visit each of my magical Instant Fairy Gardens. A new one will be released each month so that you can be part of my adventures.

iaada visits scottland

Iaada Visits Scotland

Traveling is great but so is going back home. When I’m in my homeland in Scotland, I live in a grand castle. My favorite things about Scotland are seeing all the sheep and Highland cows. Our native flower is the thistle. Some people don’t like it because it is prickly, but it has an intriguing purple flower on it when it blooms. Did you know that some people even use them for wedding décor? We have lots of great food including bangers and mash, and the deep-fried Mars bar is also very popular. This is a fairy favorite because of its sweet flavors. I also love all of the different plaids that we have. They represent the people of Scotland, and each family has their own tartan. I hope that you’ll spend some time with me in fairy garden. I can’t wait to get to know you better.

iaada visits japan

Iaada Visits Japan

I’ve recently been on a trip to Japan where I had the chance to visit a Japanese tea garden. It was stunning. While I was there, I wore the traditional kimono. It was a beautiful dress. I was there in time to enjoy the Japanese cherry blossoms. They are beautiful and fragrant. I enjoyed lots of sushi while I was there and also got to try several popular Japanese desserts like Anmitsu and Taiyaki.

Iaada The International Fairy - Instant Fairy Garden

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