Magical Evening Fairy: Twinkle Lights



I'm all about loving twinkly sparkly fairy light. Fall seems to be creeping onto the beach, and before it gets too cold, windy and the waves get too wild, I wanted to share with you my front porch area. All my plants are shade growing plants and became gigantic beauties. In this article, I will be sharing with you some of the items that I put in my fairy garden. This fairy garden is five years old, and the large fir tree you see on the right was literally four inches tall when I started it. This is my first fairy garden ever created, and it is very dear top my heart!

If you want to start your own fairy garden, here are recommended starter items.


a. Fairy Garden Dog with Doghouse – Fairies love to have pets. This cute furry friend will keep them company and happy in their fairy garden! It also comes with an adorable house and food bowl. No fairy can resist this cutie.

b. Miniature Fairy Garden Daisy and Dylan – Fairies Daisy and Dylan are certified pet lovers. They would love to live in a fairy garden filled with happy and cute pets. As you can see, they’re having so much fun cuddling those two adorable puppies.

c. Mini Iron Fairy Garden Arch with Gate To give your fairy garden a grand accent, this arch with gate is the key. It’s an elegant entrance that features lovely leaves in the center. Any fairy would be enticed to visit your fairy land because of this gate.

d. Mini Gazing Globe and Column   – Do not forget to add something unique in your fairy garden. This globe will keep your fairies entertained because it magically gives a glimpse of the future or the past. Isn’t that amazing?

e. Fairy Garden Wire Basket with Bottles – Fairies love celebrations. This wire basket filled with drinks will keep your fairies’ celebration fun and cheerful!

f. Bistro Set – Allow this bistro set to become your fairies’ official lounge. They can relax or have a snack here!

g. Miniature Beach Umbrella – When your fairies desire to hangout at the beach or have a lakeside picnic, this beach umbrella is perfect!

Anyway, here are more views of my fairy garden…


This is side view of my house and as you can see the beautiful fern loved her place under the awning. I have a wicker sofa that visitors can rest upon, also a great for morning coffee. Above the wicker sofa is my fairy chandelier, just as to the magical feeling.


This is a close-up of my fairy chandelier and I've inserted a video below that is the DIY for you to watch, and hopefully you will become inspired to create your own.

[su_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6HX6S88ZOew” width=”700″] fairy-garden-lights-4

This is just a brighter photo of the fairy chandelier-at night is truly magical with all the sparkly lights.


So as summer comes to a close, I just wanted to share with you some of my beautiful plants that I love so much. I hope this gives you the inspiration to start your own fairy garden, create a fairy chandelier with lights or even a non-lit fairy chandelier, which hangs over my fairy garden in the photo. With winter coming you can also create in indoor fairy garden you can enjoy year-round. I will create an indoor fairy garden for you this winter, and I'll be sure to make a post and video of it-so stay tuned for more fairy gardening goodies!


If you want a fairy to greet you every day this is the perfect answer!  This is a hand-blown glass ball that has a fairy etched on it with a frost finish! So very adorable!

Stay tuned for more fairy garden tips!