Magical Sweet DIY Fairy Garden Shopping List


Hello, Fairy Lovers!

I wanted to create a garden in my video that had more fairy accessories in it to give more of a Magical effect. Below is a shopping list from the video that I have put together so you can see what I used and how to find it. You might love it all or pick and choose your pieces. Always a creative fairy process, just let your creative juices flow!

Fairy Hugs,
xx Lynn
Teelie’s Fairy Garden

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Organic Potting Mix

This is my go to organic potting soil as it produces amazing growth to the plants.

 Mini River Rock

This was my choice of fairy garden rocks to use-I had a lot of dark décor pieces and this complimented it wonderfully! This also helps keep your moisture in your garden.

Tin Nesting Planter Containers with Rope Handles

I love using metal containers for my fairy gardens. So lucky to have a very talented and handy husband that can drill the drainage holes for me. Be sure to drill your holes on the bottom for drainage, to keep your plants happy. This is an impressive set as you get 3 planters in varied sizes looks great on a patio or deck!


Mini Gardening Hand Tools Set

I just bought this tool set and I will show them to you on my next video. They are extremely handy-just love them for getting into small spaces with small plants.

Mini Ferns for Terrariums

These are some of the plants I just love. I used several of these in this garden-real plants are the glue to your garden.


Stone Fairy Walkway

I am a huge fan of fairy walkways and stepping stones in a fairy garden that leads fairies to their destination. This walkway happens to be one of my favorites-looks so real and inviting.

Woodland Bird House with Hook

I added one of my birdhouses my fairy garden that I purchased years ago. I think this would add so many flavors to any garden-little fairy birds would love it!!

Fairy Rustic Bistro Set

I have had this bistro set for four years now and I use it every year. So many things you can do with it and the fairies are huge lovers of sweets so placed yummy donuts on the table for them in this fairy garden.


Valentine Donuts

I know a bit early or late for Valentine's but I just love the heat cupcakes! I used this on my table as sweets for the fairies and they are on sale now.

Fairy USA Donuts

I just love the red, white and blue donuts for sweets for the fairies. They always look great in fairy gardens so I used them in this one.


Gnomes with Flower Hats

I am starting to have a love affair with gnomes. They are so adorable I just want to pinch their cheeks and give them a huge! I used the gnome with the sign for this fairy garden. Mr. Cutie he is!

Fairy Bunny

Bunnies are one of the fairies’ favorite pets and so cuddly too. In my fairy garden, my fairies invited him for a nibble of their donuts. They are very generous and share with all their furry friends. He is sitting at the table ready for the party to start.


Fairy House with Leaf Roof & Star Solar Lights

I have been falling in love with all that is the solar-at night my deck looks so very magical with the soft glow of solar. In a fairy garden, anything solar in it gives it the magical factor.

Fairy Garden Ladybugs

Ladybugs just say fairy garden! The Ladybugs are a symbol of friendship to the fairies so I use them in all my fairy gardens; want to make sure they know I am a loyal fairy friend.

Magical Fairy Mushrooms

They say the mushrooms in a fairy garden keep fairies’ safe, so I include them in all my gardens. I placed a few clusters in my fairy garden video-plus great color!


Multicolor Flowering Bush with Wood Pot

This is one of my all-time favorites! The detailing of these flowers is absolutely amazing and I placed it by the fairy table to add color and some pizzazz.

Fairy Daisy Tea Set

This is one of the cutest tea sets for fairies! I used one of the dishes to place the fairy’s sweet donuts. You can use pieces of this set to create different scenes in your fairy garden.

Fairy Gathering Basket

This is such a versatile basket, actually a year-round basket. You can put fairy jewels in it (like I did) pumpkins, pine cones, fruit and even vegetables.

Fairy Garden Jewels

I love these fairy jewels, they add so much sparkle to the fairy garden. I filled up the basket by the door to add some interest and scattered them a bit under the fairy table.


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