Memorial Day Themed Fairy Gardens

­It’s Memorial Day and the fairies are busy preparing for the celebration!

Memorial day is the time when we honor and remember the people who died serving the country’s armed forces. In relation to this celebration, we’ve gathered inspiration for you to create your own Memorial Day themed fairy gardens!

There are a lot of outdoor items that fairies would love – grilling, lounge, and more. Fairies would be thrilled to have a meaningful celebration in their kingdom!

Inspiration 1

Memorial Day Inspiration 1

This fairy garden is made with garland, pond, bench, dog house and a birdhouse. It’s perfect for fairies who love to relax and freshen up by the pond.


  1. Blue Web Lounger

The fairies would be comfortable sitting in this adorable blue web lounger. See more benches here.

  1. American Flag Pennant Banner

This American flag pennant banner is perfect for this inspiration. It makes the atmosphere more festive. The fairies would love this in your garden! See more garlands here.

  1. Kidney Shaped Pond

The enchanted folks would love to relax near the pond while waiting for the sausages to be grilled. See more ponds here.

Inspiration 2

Memorial Day Inspiration 2

The fairies agreed to go on a camping trip this Memorial Day! This inspiration is composed of a camping trailer, tent, canoe, fire pit, picnic bench, hammock, picnic baskets, flowers and a beehive.


  1. Camper Trailer

The fairies would love to go on a camping trip this Memorial Day with this camping trailer! See more camping items here.

  1. Metal Picnic Table

The fairies have prepared a lot of picnic food and this metal picnic table is perfect for the celebration! See more table here.

  1. Simple Life Kit

This simple life kit is composed of a tent, a canoe, a fire pit and a guitar. The fairies would surely enjoy the trip! See more fairy kits here

Metal Picnic Table

Memorial Day Inspiration 3

Most of the enchanted folks love to celebrate Memorial Day by having a potluck outside. Grilling sausages and having cold drinks! This inspiration is composed of a garland, bbq grill, birdhouse, birdfeeder, tire swing, and food.


  1. Red, White, and Blue Triangle Flag Pennant Banner

This red, white, and blue triangle flag pennant banner shows the Memorial Day celebration! See more garland here.

  1. Barbeque Roasting Grill

The barbecue celebration won’t be complete without this barbecue roasting oven where the fairies grill corn and sausages. See more grills here.

  1. Mini Food

The celebration won’t be complete without the amazing and delicious food that the fairies prepared! See more food and refreshments here.

Credits to the owner of images used as inspiration.

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