Miniature Plants for Fairy Gardens

Miniature Plants for Fairy Gardens

Fairy gardens bring so much love and magic into our lives. While accessories breathe new life into a regular garden, miniature plants for fairy gardens also bring a different kind of sparkle to a garden. Today, let's explore the many different miniature plants that you can add to your fairy garden to attract more fairies, gnomes, and other magical creatures!


Miniature Plants for Fairy Gardens

1. Peperomia Scandens

Just look at how lush this peperomia plant is! These gorgeous plants add lush greenery to your fairy garden. It's best to be placed in the morning sun, but kept from the afternoon sun to avoid drying.  It's easy to grow and lovely to look at. Fairies will definitely come to your garden! Available at Etsy for $2.25.

2. Tigers Jaw or Faucaria Tigrina

A first glance, these plants look like they are about to eat small creatures alive! But in reality, they are the guardians of the fairy garden. Faucaria Tigrina or Tiger's Jaw is a small succulent and clamp-forming perennial that grows up to about six inches tall. It adds a nice touch to a fairy garden and can be used to keep bad elements away. It can be used as a barrier lining the fairy kingdom wall, too. Available at Etsy for $3.75.

3. Othonna Capensis or Little Pickles

Add tiny blooms to your fairy garden with the othonna capensis or little pickles, as many call it. It is a sun-loving perennial that grows into long, pickle-like succulents. Its green cylindrical stems look exactly like tiny pickles, so we won't blame your fairy friends if they would want to eat it! It also features small yellow daisy-like flowers that fairies will love to admire. Available at Etsy for $5.49.

4. Delospermum or Red Carpet Ice Plant

Meet the Delospermum, which originated from the mountains of Cape Province in South Africa. This perennial requires sun and gives off green, succulents comparable to the little pickles. However, this plant features a coral red, star shaped flower that flourishes best in April to August. Get yours at Etsy for $6.59.

5. Centaurium scilloides or Carpet Tulips

Here's something your fairy garden friends will truly fall in love with. The Centaurium scilloides or carpet tulips feature dark green glossy leaves and very interesting little tulip shaped pink flowers with yellow eyes. If you look closer, the eyes even look like tiny little flowers! What a magical little treat for you and your fairy garden friends. Available at Etsy for $6.04.

Miniature Plants for Fairy Gardens

6. Isotoma Fluviatillis or Blue Star Creeper

Fairies love to tend to their own gardens and they'll definitely enjoy growing the isotoma fluviatillis or blue star creeper. This is a creeping perennial that grows into a carpet of in leaves that's accented by light blue flowers that bloom during the summer. Get your own at Etsy for $6.59.

7. Portulaca or Toucan Tango

Fairies will also be charmed by Portulaca or Toucan Tango, which feature succulent-like foliage that grows up to two to three inches tall. It produces small orange-red flowers with five petals that bloom best in June to August. Available at Etsy for $5.49.

8. Armeria Juniperfolia

Imagine a lush field of pink flowers. That's how the armeria juniperfolia will look and feel like to your little fairy garden friends. This plant grows to form a dense cushion of needle-like leaves and create soft pink flower balls that look like Malaysian mums, but only tinier! Your fairy friends will enjoy running through these, for sure. Get this at Etsy for $7.69.

9. Fuchsia Lottie Hobby

Attract hummingbirds to your fairy garden with the Lottie Hobby, which features oval, green leaves and produces fruits after the flowers disappear. Its flowers are a delightful shade of pink against its deep green foliage. Both fairies and hummingbirds will enjoy this welcoming treat. Available at Etsy for $5.49.

10. Sedum spurium ‘John Creech' Succulent

Look at these dainty little flowers! This succulent offer dark pink flowers in the summer that are definitely attractive and very chic. These sedum cuttings are great for tiny fairy garden pots as well, as they will grow into adult plants with proper care. Available at Etsy for $4.99.


Discover a new world of tiny plants for your fairy garden with these amazing picks. These miniature plants for fairy gardens will not only attract fairies, gnomes, and other magical creatures, but also birds and bugs! They'll love smelling the flowers and gazing at their wondrous flowers. For more fairy garden ideas, make sure to bookmark our blog. Happy planting!

Miniature Plants for Fairy Gardens

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