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Fairy Land Celebrates the Tooth Fairy

Today we’re going to introduce you to a fairy who is well-known by the humans. You’re going to learn about the way that the Tooth Fairy works in Fairy Land.

Fairy Garden Ponds, Rivers, and Streams

Fairies reside where nature is abundant. Whether it’s bodies of water and landforms lush with greenery, fairies thrive best when things are free to grow wild.

Take Part in the Magical Bounties of a Spooky Harvest Moon

A huge moon rises over the fairy world and everything seems to be injected with a lot more magic than usual! It’s the Harvest Moon, and it’s an extra special one this year as it falls on Friday the 13th

Help the Wee Folk Create Magical Winter Wonderland Cookbook

We have some exciting news for you here in Fairy Land. Teelie’s Fairy Garden is happy to announce that the Wee Folk are preparing to put together a magical cookbook.

Adorable Fairy Kits to Start or Expand Your Fairy Garden

The fairies pulled eight adorable items for your viewing pleasure for this week’s Enchanted Eight. They decided on fairy kits to start or expand your fairy garden.

Learn a New Melody With the Fairies

It’s a beautiful day in Fairy Land and your being here makes it even more wonderful. Thank you for joining us for today’s adventure. Today we’re going to be helping you learn a new melody with the fairies.

An Afternoon in the Garden With Fairy Friends

The fairies found eight amazing fairy figurines which they want to share with you as part of this week’s Enchanted Eight.

A Shopping Adventure With The Fairies

It’s a beautiful day in Fairy Land, and eight of our fairies have come together to show you a few items from our fairies’ collection of merchandise.

How to Create a Spooky Fairy Garden

welcome back to Teelie’s Fairy Garden. Last week we looked at a mixture of Halloween fairy garden styles, including a few spooky options.

How to Create a Magical Halloween Fairy Garden

Today, we’re going to give you some tricks and tips on creating your own Halloween DIY fairy garden. We’ll show you eight fun features to make a fun or spooky Halloween garden.

Fabulous Fairy Garden Treats

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, magical Wee Folk of Fairy Land, today’s walk through Teelie’s Fairy Garden is going to be full of sweet discoveries.

Fairy Garden Gifts for Mom

On behalf of all the fairies everywhere we’d like to wish our human believers who are also moms a very Happy Mother’s Day. If you are reading this and are looking for great fairy garden themed gifts for mom, we’ve selected eight amazing items which we know moms will love.