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What is Teelie’s Fairy Garden? Well, it’s everything you’ve ever wanted in a fairy garden, and more! Teelie’s Fairy Garden is your ultimate source for all things fairy garden. From plants, to fairy garden accessories and other enchanting fairy garden merchandise, this site and community will be your go to for anything and everything you’ll ever need to create your own magical world.

Teelie’s Fairy Garden began with a love for all things fairy garden. The enchantment that a fairy garden brings to one’s life is incomparable. Read More..

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FG May 20 2019 fairy crowns featured photo

Find the Most Magical Fairy Crowns

Who doesn’t want to feel like a fairy? Fairies are the most magical creatures in the world; they are tiny, mysterious, and full of incredible power. They have spun throughout our lore and fairytales, capturing the imagination of the...

FG May 17 2019 featured photo dinner party

Prepare a Fancy Fairy Dinner Party

Fairies are gathering together in this springtime evening! It’s a time of celebration, and fairies from all over are coming to visit to exult in the colors of the season. Every single one of the fairies had worked hard...

FG-May-16-2019 fairy magic jewelry

Enchanting Fairy Magic Inspired Jewelry

Fairy magic is one of the most powerful kinds of magic in the world. Tales of enchantments, spells, fairydust, and worlds far beyond our knowledge fill stories all around the globe, throughout multiple cultures. There’s just something so special...