Pink Is The New Green In Fairy Gardens

The new colors of 2017 for the fairy kingdom have been officially announced by the royal decorators, and they are pink and lavender. Yes, there are colors of the year even in the fairy kingdom. So, the new green this year will be these two luscious colors, and they have the Queen Fairy's blessing.

Be sure to add a splash of these colors to update your gardens and your fairies will be jumping with joy-they always like to be in trend.

We have chosen some of the hottest new looks in the fairy world for 2017 for you to enjoy below.

Magical Tooth Fairy Door Personalized

This little door has a personalized sign above where it says Tooth Fairy a bell, little fairy wand , toothpaste & toothbrush . I have a lot of different little charms.

Pink Flower Birdbath

This pretty flower is actually a birdbath that will become any bird’s favorite. Add this dainty accent to your garden.

Pretty Fairy Garden Table Set

Unique and so pretty. Soft pink and peach, reminiscent of shabby chic style. Fairy table and stools are hand painted a pretty pink with swirls of peach. Beautiful set!

Solar Fairy House

These charming solar fairy house stakes feature a flower roof with windows, hand-painted flowers and a pretty garden gate at the end of a welcoming path. At night, the house lights with solar-powered light.


Pink Fairy Bike

A sweet little baby pink bicycle is just what the fairies need for play time. It is hand painted a lovely shade of pink that really pops in a fairy garden. I left the basket empty so you could fill it with whatever you think a fairy may need.

Fairy Garden Pink Dessert Cart

May Queen fairy has stumbled across a beautiful pink pastry cart with all kinds of Wonderful fairy treats & sweet goodies!!

Fairy Garden PINK Tea Set

This pink tea set is so tiny and the fairies just love it! You get 2 cups, 2 saucers, 2 pink vanilla cupcakes & 2 plates for the cupcakes AND a teapot all PINK! A must have for tea parties and fairy celebrations!

Pink Fairy Garden Kit and Accessories

Wish you had a Fairy Garden? Here's a Fairy Garden Starter Kit to get you on your way! Now you can create an enchanting fairy garden, using your unlimited imagination and these magical bits & bobs, trinkets & treasures. Add your own special finds and make the most fantastical garden to thrill and delight your fairies!


Pink Columbine Flower Fairy

The pink fancy columbine flower fairy loves to hold with her dress that’s hued in pastel pink and yellow. She loves to play and dance around beautiful flowers and plants.

Prom Fairy Dress

Handmade specially for your fairy-yes they do have Proms in the Fairy Kingdom.