Teelie Turner explains how to convert a fairy garden into a Haunted Halloween Hallow

Step-by-step instructions plus new fairy stories

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Decorating homes and gardens for Halloween is becoming more popular every year. Naturally, fairy garden enthusiasts want to join the fun. Teelie Turner’s popular book “How to Transform your Fairy Garden into a Haunted Halloween Hallow” is a step-by-step guide on how to do it. The book also contains three new fairy stories along with full-color illustrations showing how totally charming the fairies are. In addition, the book features details about all the products and resources to be found in this magical fairy garden world. Some people don’t know what a fairy garden is and have never checked into why so many adults and youngsters feel fairies are real and derive so much pleasure from them. This book can be an excellent “beginner’s tool.” Not everyone has met a fairy since they can be elusive, but many will say they are out there just looking for an open mind and new friends.

There are so many spooktacular possibilities for adding Halloween atmosphere to a fairy garden that it can be difficult to know where to start. Teelie Turner understands and has developed this guide to make planning, installing a personal haunted garden to greet visiting goblins and then returning it to everyday beauty an easy, wonderful adventure.

The first fairy story in the book introduces Francesca the Good Witch Fairy. She says she comes from a long line of fairies and, somewhere along the way, a fairy married a witch and they presented Francesca to the world. She is a traveling fairy and makes good deeds happen around the globe.

The second story is “The Great Halloween Adventure” and tells how sister and brother fairies Isabell and Isaac explore going to Halloween parties with humans. They think it’s great they will not need to get costumes because they are already dressed up.

“The Halloween Fairy Party” is the third story and covers what happens when the adult fairies stay home and have a Halloween celebration just for themselves.  The Good Witch Fairy Francesca said, “My children are thrilled they get to go trick or treating on Earth without us adults tagging along; and the best part about being a fairy is I know Headquarters is looking out for them so I can have fun here without worrying.”  –

Some of Teelie Turner’s fairies have their own product lines – t-shirts, mugs, greeting cards, etc. – featuring their images. These can be unexpected and welcome gift selections for family and friends. They offer choices in addition to the more familiar e-books and pieces to add to existing fairy gardens.

Teelie Turner is a prolific photographer, author and artist who founded the Teelie Turner brand, the Teelie Turner Shopping Network and Teelie’s Fairy Garden.  She lives and creates in the Pacific Northwest. When not involved in business-related projects she loves gardening, interior decorating, cooking, playing tennis, boating and philanthropic activities which support the community.

For information on “How to Transform your Fairy Garden into a Haunted Halloween Hallow – a Step-by-Step Guide,” visit http://bit.ly/2dfXRfe .The Guide also contains the entire list of published fairy books. The many fairies who populate Teelie Turner’s Wonderful World of Fairies are an interesting group.

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Teelie’s Fairy Garden Releases Fall Harvest Guide

Features special Spooktacular Halloween section

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The Fall Harvest Guide from Teelie Turner is one of the largest selections of fairy garden products on the internet. It showcases fairy garden artists from all over the world. The 79-page free downloadable pdf includes a Spooktacular Halloween section. Spooktacular was prepared especially for fairy garden enthusiasts who enjoy celebrating Halloween in a spectacular way.

The Fall Harvest Guide presents many products even the most experienced fairy gardeners may not have seen before. Beginning fairy gardeners will find it easy to spend hours looking through the Fall Harvest Guide and Spooktacular planning enhancements for their project. Teelie Turner is making the Guide available now, as Fall begins, to allow plenty of browsing time in preparation for Halloween, Thanksgiving and the December holidays. This free Guide can continue to be a valuable fairy garden product reference well beyond this season, but is available now for maximum benefit to those looking for exciting ideas for Fall 2016.

Teelie Turner’s love of fairies and fairy gardens has Inspired the creation of a world of wonderful fairies, adorable pets, enchanted friends and whimsical additions to fairy gardens everywhere. The Fall Harvest Guide has individual sections for Fall Fairy Food, Furniture, Houses and Magical Creatures. The Guide section ends with a beautiful illustration of Faylin the Thanksgiving Fairy and her story of why she bears this important title.

Halloween has been growing consistently for years in total dollars spent to celebrate it. Fairy gardeners have joined this trend in great numbers, and Spooktacular contains all the same categories as the Fall Harvest Guide but with a Halloween twist. For example, Spooktacular Bewitching Creatures include The Headless Horseman, Wee Witchy Toad, Painted Zombie Ladies and Paulie the Pumpkin Man. Bewitching treats include Halloween Ghost Brownies. For extra atmosphere, the book “How to Transform Your Fairy Garden into a Haunted Halloween Hallow” gives step by step instructions. This book also contains three Halloween related fairy stories: The Good Witch Fairy Francesca shares her story of doing good deeds for others; the fairies Isabel and Isaac experience a Halloween party with actual humans; and one story about how fairies celebrate their own Halloween parties. The Halloween section closes with a full-page illustration of Ms. Spooktacular the Grand Halloween Fairy who is ready to help find anything needed for a real Spooktacular. The Fall Harvest and Halloween Guide also contain links to the complete list of Teelie Turner fairy books.

The Fairy Garden Fall Harvest Guide and Spooktacular is a one-of-a-kind supplement to Teelie Turner’s Fairy Gardens website which offers a continuing group of services for those interested in fairy gardens. These include free fairy stories delivered to subscribers weekly, do-it-yourself tips for managing fairy gardens and free downloadable coloring sheets. The Fairy Scoop produces weekly newsletters and videos. The Fairy Garden store has detailed information on all Teelie Turner products.

For information about this source for fairy garden products and information, visit www.teeliesfairygarden.com . A download button for the Fall Harvest Guide and Spooktacular pdf is easy to find at the top of the site home page. This Guide will be available for a limited time and applies to the current fall season. The Spooktacular is a new, innovative source for Halloween entertainment ideas for friends and family and for spooky additions to favorite fairy gardens.

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Teelie Turner’s new story “Eliza the Easter Fairy” combines fun with learning

The first in a series of holiday fairy stories by the creator of the World of Magic Garden Fairies

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Author and artist Teelie Turner has released her new story “Eliza the Easter Fairy”, the first in a series of holiday-themed tales which feature the appropriate holiday fairy on the cover. Each fairy will have its own line of T-shirts and other products.

Fairy Headquarters assigned Eliza to run their Easter egg painting school because the eggs she paints are so special. They are magical and very detailed in design and color. Eliza describes herself as an ordinary female fairy who is blonde, wears green shoes turned up at the toe, pink polka-dot leggings and a dress in shades of pink and green. Her students are bunny artists and apprentices trying to decide if Easter egg painting is a suitable career choice. They have different personalities, different colored fur which is delightful to pet and assorted types of ears, some that stand up and some that stay down. The egg painting classes help the bunnies learn what is involved in starting a project, learning to do it properly and sticking with it for a successful finish.

Teelie Turner has written many inspirational books for children featuring her magical fairy world and has developed a variety of charming products related to the books. The products have proved popular with readers so it seems natural to offer similar choices for the Holiday Series. The author brings business experience from publishing, merchandising and electronic commerce to her current devotion to the Magical World of Fairies. She lives in the Pacific Northwest. During her non-fairy time, she enjoys real-world gardening, interior decorating, tennis, boating, playing with her two dogs and working with philanthropic activities benefiting the community where she lives.

For more information about the newly released “Eliza the Easter Fairy”, visit http://bit.ly/1RMPshO. To find out more about Teelie Turner, go to http://www.teelieturner.com or https://www.teeliesfairygarden.com. View all her books at http://amzn.to/1TzGIiN Send questions via e-mail to teelie@teelieturner.com or call 206-414-0543.