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PRETMANNS Fairy Garden Fairy Accessories - Miniature Fairy Figurine & Furniture - Fairy Garden Supplies 14 Pieces

FAIRY GARDEN KIT: This is a perfect starter set for anyone new to fairy gardening and also for the experienced fairy gardener. It includes the Fairy Bella, the beautiful fairy furniture and the animals.
FAIRY GARDEN ACCESSORIES: Fairy Bella is playing the flute and she is beautifully crafted and painted in soft colors. The Fairy Furniture has a wooden like finish and is decorated with small colourful flowers.
HAND PAINTED FAIRY GARDEN KIT – Holding these beautifully crafted pieces in your hands will fill you with awe. Each piece is hand painted, one color at a time, to produce the amazing masterpiece you are holding. Artists take great pride in their work to deliver these fairy garden pieces that are even more beautiful in real life than on screen. The number of colors used and time spent on getting the perfect finish makes this a Superior product.

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Fairy Garden Starter Set

Step into the world of fairies and start to create a magical mini garden with our Fairy Bella and friends.

This starter kit is ideal for indoor or outdoor use and would make an awesome gift for anyone, big or small.

Tips: How to care for your fairy garden products:

All items are hand painted with a UV resistant paint and it is recommended not to leave the resin products in direct sunlight for extended periods of time as continuous direct sunlight may cause the items to fade. Polyurethane spray can be used to protect the paint from fading should the items be exposed to direct sunlight.

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FAIRY GARDEN SET: This beautifully crafted Fairy set is very cute and is a perfect addition to any established fairy garden or a great way to start your first garden. The Bella fairy has remarkable detail with almost lifelike appearance and her charming face and the detail of the supplies will amaze you. All the items are made of high quality resin and are HAND PAINTED with UV resistant paint, making each item UNIQUE.
MINIATURE FAIRY GARDENING: Fairy gardens can be built in any container big or small and can be placed indoors or outdoors on a veranda. This set is a great starter kit and is perfect to use in a terrarium, a dollshouse or combine it with your favorite Fairy House.
FAIRY GARDEN GIFT: The Mini Fairy Garden Kit makes a perfect gift for Birthdays, Mother’s day, Christmas and Graduations gift or simply to SPOIL YOURSELF. All ages love it, adults and kids!
FAIRY GARDEN ACCESSORIES: Bella, the fairy figurine, is about 2.5″ High. The set also includes a Tea Set, 4 x Ladybugs and the fairy garden animals, a bunny and squirrel.
FAIRY GARDEN FURNITURE: 2 Benches are 2.5 W x 1.7″ H, the End Table 2″ L x 1.2″ H.








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