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See the latest in the magical fairy christmas kingdom. We have new arrivals in christmas fairy garden scenes, new christmas fairy books, and adorable fairy clothing and products.

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Christmas Fairy

Hello Fairy Friend, I’m so glad to meet you. I’m Fairy Merry, and I’m a North Pole Fairy. As you can imagine, it is a busy time for us fairies getting ready for Christmas. You can learn more about me in Teelie Turner’s enchanted book The Fairy Merry Christmas. You can also find me and some of my magical fairy friends on Redbubble. We have clothing, accessories, and gifts for you to discover.


Fairy Products

Discover the magical collections that each Christmas fairy has to offer. Over seventy products are available including stationary, clothing for babies, kids and adults, accessories and more.

Special Offer

Christmas is approaching quickly and Santa and all the fairies and elves at the North Pole want to bring you some exciting news about special offers and discounts. When you visit the Teelie’s Fairy Garden Etsy page, you can save 15% until the end of November. Visit soon so you don’t miss out on any magical deals.
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Fairy Merry Christmas Digital Download

Fairy Merry Christmas Instant Fairy Garden, Celebrate Christmas with Fairy Merry Christmas.
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