Tea Time with Your Fairy Friends

Summer is the season to host garden parties, evening barbecues, and other social gatherings. Such is tea time with your fairy friends in your garden, where the magic of the afternoon comes to life with good food and good company. Let’s explore the many ways you can create a scene for tea time with your fairy friends.


Accessories for Tea Time with Your Fairy Friends

Drinking tea has been an afternoon habit for many. It’s a great perk up for lazy afternoons and it’s best done right by your fairy garden. But did you know that fairies love drinking tea too? They love floral teas like hibiscus and chamomile. They like their tea sweet and warm, especially during cool summer afternoons. Here’s how you have tea time with your fairy friends. Start with these accessories and explore the magical ways you can bond with your fairy garden friends.


Teatime with Your Fairy Friends
  1. Fairy Garden Tea Party

Here, we have a simple tea party with a couple of fairies. The set features two chairs, a table with a tea pot and tea cups, and your two fairy friends that you could move around. Get this magical set on Etsy for $23.95.

  1. Fairy Garden Miniature Tea Set

Of course, tea time with your fairy friends will require some deliciously brewed tea. This special blend of afternoon tea features lemon slices for a refreshing, citrus treat. This delicately handmade set is made of polymer and s available at Etsy for $8.95.

  1. Fairy Tin Full of Valentine Heart Cookies

One of the best parts of afternoon tea is having some sweet goodies to feast on. Fairies especially enjoy sweet cookies and pastries. This fairy tun contains a collection of adorable Valentine heart cookies that are sure to please. Get this at Etsy for $11.59.

  1. Fairy Garden Miniature Pastries Set

Just look at how decadent this pastry set is! With a chocolate cinnamon roll, a croissant, and a pink doughnut, your fairy friends will surely have their stomachs full. It also has a cup of tea, a fork, a lace doily (made of silicone), and a ceramic center plate. Handmade with mostly polymer, this very chic and realistic pastry set is available at Etsy for $16.00.

  1. Blueberry Pop Tart Hand Pies

Aside from pastries, pop tarts are also one of our fairy friends' favorite sweet treats. Get this adorable set of six pop tart hand pies on Etsy for $8.00. Floral tray sold separately.

Teatime with Your Fairy Friends
  1. Miniature Fairy Garden Red & White Striped Party Tent

Summer afternoons can get too hot, so make sure your fairies stay safe in the shade with this party tent. It is hand painted and has sun protection coating, best for outdoor use. Available at Amazon for $34.99.

  1. Fairy House Bistro Set

Table for two, please? Whether it's for tea time or a dinner date, this classic bistro set is perfect for your fairy friends. This bistro includes a pair of chairs, one table, and a mini wood pallet that houses this cozy scene. It also features a mix of artificial and natural greens that your fairies will absolutely love and acorns and a “Welcome Fairies” sign. Available at Etsy for $18.00.

  1. Tea Can for Dollhouse

A tea party won't be complete without premium teas from the world's best tea makers. Get your fairy garden a classic handmade tea can to keep their tea bags. One tea can comes with a $3.99 price tag on Etsy.

  1. Realistic Box of Tea with Black Tea

Here's a tiny surprise that will surely perk you up! This miniature scale boxes of tea with tea bags are realistic because they contain real tea and are made from real tea bags. Carefully handmade using acrylic paint, paper, pastels, and real tea. Such a treat for your fairy garden friends! Available at Etsy for $23.00.

  1. Honey in a Jar

Honey is the perfect sweetener for a warm, comforting cup of tea. Your fairy friends will love having their own bottle of honey for their cups of tea. The bottle comes with a label and a tiny spoon that's just right for your fairy friends. Get this at Etsy for $6.64.


Have an amazing afternoon tea party with your fairy friends with these accessories. For more fun summer-themed fairy garden accessories, check out our shopping guide (everything below $25!) below.

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