The Pixies Have Landed in Fairyland

The Fairy Scoop: The Pixies Have Landed in Fairyland

The enchanting woodlands are home to fairies and gnomes, but what most don't know is that pixies call it home, too. Did you know that fairies and pixies are very different? Pixies tend to be smaller and more mischievous than their fairy counterparts. Fairies are often more graceful than pixies, who are tiny, tricky beings. Today, the pixies have landed in fairyland and we're here to find out what fairy garden accessories you can add to your garden to attract those little pixies!


The Fairy Scoop: The Pixies Have Landed in Fairyland
  1. Pixie Hugging Bunny

Like your fairy garden friends, pixies are also close to woodland creatures such as rabbits, squirrels, and bunnies. This particular pixie is holding her favorite pet rabbit, as she stands in the middle of the woodlands. This piece is made of quality designer resin and and painted and sculpted to reveal amazing details such as the patch on her dress. Available from Top Collection at Amazon for $14.00.

  1. Pixie Gardening Statue with Shovel & Bucket

Say hello to your new fairy garden friend, Peter the pixie. He's a little pixie who enjoys gardening and making sure that plants are well. He comes with his best friend, the owl, who likes to sit atop his head! While he is often a hard worker in the garden, he does easily get distracted by his other pixie friends, who always invite him to have a chat in the afternoons. Available from Top Collection at Amazon for $14.00.

  1. Garden Pixie Elf with Baby Dragon

Like fairies, pixies are also close to dragons. In fact, they love taking care of very young dragons, especially the ones that have just hatched. This pixie stands atop a tree bark and is accompanied by a young green dragon, who's sitting on his back. He and the rest of his fairy friends will definitely bond over their love for dragons in your fairy garden. Get this at Amazon for $14.77.

  1. Garden Pixie Elf Reading Book

Contrary to popular belief, pixies are actually very smart. While they often function as fairies' helpers, they indeed possess some level of intelligence, which is where they get their mischievous nature from. They love playing tricks, which is why you must be careful around them. This pixie, however, is not that much into tricks. He rather enjoys sitting and reading his favorite book, while his other pixie friends get themselves into trouble! Available at Amazon for $14.77.

  1. Pixie Meditating with Frog

Pixies are spiritual beings, too. Like fairies, they harness the power of the earth, but do not bend natural elements to do their will. Their magic is at a very basic level, which is why fairies are superior and more powerful than they are. This little pixie enjoys spending his afternoons with his best pal, the frog. He makes sure to take time to meditate and be grateful for his magical life in the woodlands. Add this to your fairy garden for a charming look and feel. Available at Amazon for $12.95.

The Fairy Scoop: The Pixies Have Landed in Fairyland
  1. Garden Pixie Elf Hugging Frog

Isn't this little pixie sweet? While they are mischievous in nature, pixies have a soft spot for all woodland creatures. They are ultimately the best friends of these creatures because they like taking care of them. While fairies tend to concern themselves with fairy communities and the greater woodlands, pixies have their ear to the ground and are more accessible to these creatures. This pixie is dressed in an oversized dress and some boots and sits atop a leaf, hugging a frog. Available at Amazon for $14.77.

  1. Pixie Flower Pot Hugger Statue, Small

In every fairy garden, adventure awaits these little pixies. They love to run around and climb branches and trees. This particular pixie is very energetic. He is climbing a branch to get inside a pot! You can place this on any pot in your fairy garden for a whimsical touch. Available at Amazon for $15.00.

  1. Pixie with Owl Figurine

Meet Bobby, a pixie who specializes in caring for the newborn owls! He's a master at keeping them safe from harm while their mother owls are away hunting for food. Bobby likes to roam around the forest, looking for owls' nests so that he can watch over the little owls. Here, he is seen with one of his adopted little owls. He's standing on a leaf and is wearing a cool pair of dark brown boots. Available at Amazon for $14.00.

  1. Pixie with Bunny Figurine

At night, pixies love to start a bonfire, gather around, and tell stories of their adventures. This pixie is always the first to take a seat at the bonfire and is always accompanied by his friend, the bunny. He thoroughly enjoys listening to stories, especially the action-packed ones. As a young pixie, he yearns to become a brave pixie when he grows up and dreams to lead an army of pixies. Available at Amazon for $12.77.

  1. Garden Pixie Riding Frog

Speaking of adventures, Timothy the pixie loves going on swashbuckling adventures with his trusty friend, Bog the Frog. Together, they explore woodlands and make new friends by helping out those in need. Whether it's a woodland creature, pixie, or fairy, these two make sure to lend a hand whenever it is needed. As soon as day breaks, you'll find Timothy and Bog embarking on a new adventure, only to return in the evening with amazing new stories to tell. Available at Amazon for $19.79.


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