What To Wear to the Royal Fairy Ball

The Royal Fairy Ball is one of the most exciting events in the history of the Fairy Kingdom. It is the day fairies gather to celebrate love and magic, and all the courageous things fairies have done for their community. Of course, fairies show up in their best dresses and gowns. Today, we're talking about what to wear to the Royal Fairy Ball. Let's begin!


The Royal Fairy Ball

The magnificent Royal Fairy Ball is hosted by King Henry and Queen Olivia, the rulers of the Fairy Kingdom. As they reign, they make sure their kingdom is protected from evil gnomes and spirits. They also make sure that the fairy community is always well and thriving. The Royal Fairy Ball is their way of keeping up with their community and ensuring their needs. It's also a time for celebration, fun, and laughter. As fairies dress their best, let's take a closer look at some fairy garden accessories that are great additions to the Royal Fairy Ball.


What To Wear to the Royal Fairy Ball
  1. Fairy Garden Fairy in Blue Gown with Parasol

The Royal Fairy Ball always has esteemed guests from all over the woodlands, including neighboring fairy kingdoms. This includes this fairy royalty, who is dressed in a flowing blue gown with white, yellow and hand glittered detail. She's also armed with her parasol with yellow glittered details. So royal, indeed! She also has a gorgeous updo and a shiny blue gemstone on her forehead, signifying her royal stature. Available at Etsy for $15.00.

  1. Fairy Garden Fairy in Yellow with a Harp

The Royal Fairy Ball features amazing music by very talented fairies, including this harp player! She's dressed in her best fancy dress for a performance at the ball. Her yellow gown matches her wings and has yellow and gold glittered details, as well as a golden sash. You'll hear her glorious music as you enter the magical ball! Available at Etsy for $15.00.

  1. Fairy Garden Fairy in a Blue Gown with Wand

Some visitors of the Royal Fairy Ball are magical fairies from neighboring woodlands, just like this fairy who is known for her magic powers. She harnesses the powers of the blue sea and the spring season. She is adorned with a bright blog gown with pink and floral glittered details, which match her wings. Her hair is slightly tousled because she's always by the seafoam, enjoying the wind and water. She's in a sitting position, as she loves sitting right next to the ocean. Get this at Etsy for $15.00.

  1. Fairy Garden Fairy in an Unbreakable Pink and Green Gown with a Baby Fox

This gorgeous woodland fairy is one of the most esteemed guests in the Royal Fairy Ball. She comes from the woodlands, which is why she has a baby fox with her, who serves as her guardian. She has gorgeous purple and yellow wings with gold details and is wearing a yellow, green, and purple gown. Her gown is intricately detailed, as well as her flowing hair. She's in a seated position, so you can place her on any fairy garden seat. Available at Etsy for $15.00.

  1. Pear Blossom Flower Fairy

This young fairy enjoys attending the Royal Fairy Ball because she likes to bring a smile to people's faces. She loves to perform by singing and dancing, which is why she's dressed in garb that lets her move freely. She's also very charming and dramatic, which is why she easily catches the attention of a crowd. This pear blossom fairy is available at Etsy for $23.95.

What To Wear to the Royal Fairy Ball
  1. Best Friends Flower Fairy Figurines

These two little fairy girls absolutely love attending the Royal Fairy Ball because they enjoy admiring other fairies' gowns. They hope that when they grow up and become rulers of their own fairy kingdoms, they'll also get to wear gorgeous fairy gowns. Right now, they're dressed in their Sunday best, with flowers detailing their yellow and pink dresses. One fairy has a flower crown, while her best friend has white ribbons in her hair. No matter where they roam, they are always together! Get them at Etsy for $13.99.

  1. Sister Flower Fairies

This pair of flower fairies are sisters! They love going to the Royal Fairy Ball together to check out the music and the gorgeous fairy gowns other fairies are wearing. They also like to gossip about fairy royalty, being the fun teens that they are. They're dressed in their best, with one fairy wearing a blue dress with flower details. Her sister is wearing a yellow flowered top with a pink skirt. This pair is available at Etsy for $18.99.

  1. Elwin the Garden Shepherd Fairy Boy Figurine

Remember the two sister fairies? They love to talk about Elwin, the garden shepherd fairy who comes from the woodlands. He never fails to make an appearance at the Royal Fairy Ball, as he pledges his allegiance to King Henry and Queen Olivia. Many young fairies are often charmed by his Robin Hood appearance, but that doesn't let that get to him. He is in fact very gallant and respectful with the fairy ladies and has a good heart. Available at Etsy for $8.50.

  1. Fairy Garden Sisters in Pastel Pink Spring

While other fairies enjoy dancing at the Royal Fairy Ball, these two sisters enjoy sitting in a corner and reading a book, away from the festivities. They are quite introverts, these two, but that doesn't mean they don't enjoy parties. In fact, they love social gatherings, but easily get distracted with a book. They're dressed in dainty, feminine dresses and have flowers in their hair. They're well prepared for the Royal Fairy Ball, but are waiting patiently for their fairy parents while reading a book. Available at Etsy for $15.99.

  1. Garden Fairy in Green & Purple Dress with Tiny Water Can

This fairy garden little girl is ready to party, but not before she waters her own garden. She's very faithful to her duties as a fairy garden, so she won't leave home to attend the Royal Fairy Ball without making sure her garden is watered and tidy. She's also going to pick a bouquet of homegrown flowers for the fairy king and queen as an offering. She's dressed in a very cute purple and green dress adorned with pink details and she's braided her hair neatly for the ball. Available at Etsy for $6.99.


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