Whimsical Fairy Themes for Your Christmas Party

Whimsical Fairy Themes for Your Christmas Party

The season demands nothing else but tons of parties. Most of us are aware that party themes set the mood and bring up the spirits of any celebration. Since we are tired of seeing the same old Christmas party themes, we're introducing unique Christmas party themes! These will not demand you to put up anything extravagant.

Wouldn't it be nice to hold a Holiday celebration that's magical and outstanding? We are sure that your party guests would be delighted to see a new style in the event they attended. We asked our fairy friends and rounded up three Fairy themes for your upcoming Christmas Party.

These are definitely perfect for us who purely love all things fairy!


The first wee creature who will help you in vibing up your party is the Fairy Merry Christmas (1). With her red locks and green fur suit, she sits on a snow covered rock. Her face is truly amiable and charming.. Featuring her at your party would be a fantastic choice!


Here are her wonderful party items. Awesome paper cups and paper plates colored in red, a beautiful greeting cards for invitations and glossy gift wrap and gift bags for your prizes and favors!

Click on the description to get her items.

  1. Fairy Merry Christmas 1 Paper Cups
  2. Fairy Merry Christmas 1 Paper Plates
  3. Fairy Merry Christmas 1 Greeting Card
  4. Fairy Merry Christmas 1 Gift Wrapper
  5. Fairy Merry Christmas 1 Gift Bag


Say hello to another Magical Fairy Merry Christmas! This adorable fairy has golden blonde hair, red fur suit, and green striped tights. She maneuvers her magical wand to produce spectacular snowflakes! We are sure that your party will look whimsical when you have her around.


Just like the first fairy, her party items also include green paper cups and paper plates. But guess what, we can’t get enough of her wonderful cake picks! Also, you can put more gifts in her large gift bags and you can design a lot by putting her stickers anywhere!

  1. Fairy Merry Christmas 2 Paper Cups
  2. Fairy Merry Christmas 2 Paper Plates
  3. Fairy Merry Christmas 2 Cake Picks
  4. Fairy Merry Christmas 2 Gift Bag
  5. Fairy Merry Christmas 2 Sticker


The last fairy theme is brought to you by the blissful Holly in a Fairytale Christmas. She originated from this amazing book that you and your family should read! She has bold red hair and a dazzling red dress. She holds sparkly and colorful Christmas lights!


The fairy's party items are paper cups and interesting melamine plates. We also adore her cute favor bags and a gift tags that can be a key holder. Lastly, the studio pouch is a brilliant gift to anyone!

  1. Holly Paper Cups
  2. Holly Melamine Plates
  3. Holly Favor Bag
  4. Holly Gift Tag
  5. Holly Studio Pouch

Host a party like no other with these magical fairy themes! With the help of these fairies, we are sure that your party will be the best one of the year. You can even combine all of them in one event for added fun!

Check out more items from these fairies by clicking on the images below. They have a huge collection of items that is not for parties only (clothing, shoes, accessories, etc.)

holly-baby fairy-green main

Read the magical Christmas book!