Love Is In The Air
In The Fairy Kingdom

Happy Valentine’s Day. Love is in the air in Fairy Land and we cannot wait to introduce you to some enchanted fairies and share their Valentine’s holiday with you.

Gigi The Sweet Valentine Heart Fairy

Enjoy this year’s Magical Fairy Heart Day with Gigi the Chic Fairy.

Vesta the Valentine Fairy

I make sure on Valentine’s Day that each human finds his/her true love.

Gigi and the Magical Fairy Hearts

Magic is in the air and there are many hearts floating all around.

Exclusive Felicia Magical Collections

Felicia is the ambassador of the Magical Fairy Book Club. She is the first one to see any of Teelie Turner’s magical books. In celebration of her magical place in the world of literacy, Teelie Turner has released several enchanted collections featuring Felicia. Each collection includes accessories and clothing.
Felicia’s Valentine Wrapped
In Love Collection
Felicia’s Valentine
Romance Collection
Felicia’s Valentine
Love Collection
Felicia’s Circle of
Love Collection
v day shades

Felicia's Valentine's Day Dream Collection

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and what better way to celebrate the love-filled holiday than with Felicia’s Valentine’s Day Dream Collection? Felicia, the fairy is ready to spread her love and magical charm all throughout your home! From precious baby clothes, aprons, posters, adult clothing, youth tees, and hoodies to lovely pillowcases – this Collection has something for everyone.
felicia's valentine's day dream min
felicia's lavender heart collection
v day arrow

Felicia's Lavender Heart Collection

This Valentine’s Day spread Felicia’s lavender love throughout your home! You can fill your home with romance and charm with Felicia’s Lavender Heart Collection. From gorgeous posters that will bring a touch of magic to any wall, to precious baby and adult clothes fit for the most special occasion, there’s something for everyone!

Magical Valentine's Giveaway

Hallie's Valentine Shop Books giveaway!

Step into the enchanting world of Hallie’s Valentine Shop and prepare for a journey filled with love! With every step, immerse yourself in a realm where the air is alive with the essence of romance, and every corner whispers tales of heartfelt connections. Join Hallie as she embark on a whimsical adventure, spreading joy and romance throughout the season. From the moment you enter, you’ll be greeted by an array of delights, each one carefully selected to ignite the spark of love within.
(Enter for a chance to win)
(Enter for a chance to win)
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Giveaway promo will run until February 13, 2024.
Announcement of winners will be on February 14, 2024 on our FB and Twitter.

Teelie's Fairy Garden Valentines
Miniature Shop

Add some magic to your Valentine’s Day with stunning miniatures.
They’re perfect for fairy gardens and dollhouses.
sugarsnap 3dbook

Sugarsnap The Valentine's Card Fairy

Sugarsnap, the Valentine’s Card Fairy, is a master artist whose passion lies in crafting stunning and magical cards. From the moment January rolls around, she unleashes her creative prowess, pouring her heart and soul into the creation of the most dazzling Valentine’s cards you can imagine. Her talent knows no bounds, and her cards possess a certain ethereal quality that will leave you breathless. This extraordinary tale will leave you believing in the power of cards, the enchantment of love, and the magical beauty that can be found in the most unexpected places.

Teelie Turner Author Magical
Valentine's Books

hallies valentine shop book cover mockup
Hallie’s Valentine Shop
magical sweetheart designs for your fairy garden and dollhouses
Magical Sweetheart Designs For Your Fairy Garden and Dollhouses
ruby the ribbon fairy 3dbook
Ruby The Ribbon Fairy
rosabell 3dbook
Rosa Bell The Valentine’s Romance Fairy
wista the valentine's wish fairy 3dbook
Wista The Valentine’s Wish Fairy
sugarsnap with love

14 Day Countdown to Fairy Heart Day!

v day bike

How Teelie Turner's Magical
Digital Downloads Work

v day envelop

Step 1

Purchase and Print

Welcome to the world of our exclusive, magical, and original digital downloads. First, you purchase the products you want, you will then have instant access to them, and next, you print them. See our printing instructions below on this page. Also, our digital downloads come with detailed instructions on how to download and print your designs, as well as how to customize them and achieve the most vibrant colors for your downloads. (it really makes a huge difference).

valentines print
valentines print2

Step 2

Cut Out Your Digital Download

Now that your digital download has been printed, it is time to make the magic and cut it out! I always use two sizes of sharp scissors a larger one and a smaller one for smaller designs. I also have a set of X-Acto knives for the super intricate items. at the back of your digital download are instructions and links to all the products I use. If you are a crafter, miniature or fairy garden enthusiast you might be interested in a scan and cut machine by Brothers. I just got one and will set it up shortly-so excited! 

Step 3

Marvelous-Time To Display Your Magical Digital Downloads

In the back of all your digital downloads, there are instructions and helpful tips on what to use, for example for the Instant Fairy Gardens, taping toothpicks, or for the larger digital pieces taping wooden skewers. If You have miniature signs or plates you can place them in your dollhouse or in your fairy garden. So many fun ways to add magic to your projects!

sample ifg

Teelie's Fairy Valentine's Candle

Discover Teelie Turner’s magical Valentine’s candles featuring Gigi the Chic Fairy. Each one features a cute and fun saying for Fairy Heart Day.
a dream is a wish year heart makes

Teelie's Magical Valentine's Collections

Sugarsnap-The Valentine Card Fairy

Chipy The Valentine Chipmunk

Sugarsnap-The Valentine Card Fairy Friends


Magical Fairy Book Club

Welcome to Teelie Turner’s Magical Fairy Book Club! We are so excited to offer our members a weekly eBook fairy tale, 20 bonuses per book, and magical audiobooks! All of our stories are original and illustrated by the talented Teelie Turner Team. Our goal is to provide children with hours of enjoyment and laughter while they’re curled up with their favorite bedtime story. We know that parents appreciate the value of quality literature, so we guarantee that every book in our club is filled with magic, wonder, and enchantment. Thank you for joining us on this magical journey!
v day boy reading2

Carmelle the Ice Cream Fairy

Carmelle the Ice Cream Fairy loved dishing up delicious and melty treats for everyone who visited her ice cream shoppe. Her favorite kind was caramel, and it might have had something to do with the name her parents had given her. She also liked coming up with new flavors. Some of the ingredients she experimented with were extremely unlikely combinations, but Carmelle usually made them into something delicious.