31st October 2023

It's a Spooktacular Month in Fairy Land

There are even more sweet treats and candy to be enjoyed this month. Everyone is choosing a magical Halloween costume so they can go trick-or-treating and to Halloween parties. They are also decorating their homes and fairy gardens. Join us to meet some of the amazing Halloween fairies.
felicia halloween
bat solo

Five Spooktacular Fairy Witches

Meet Fairy Land’s five spooktacular witches. Teelie Turner wrote a story about each of them too. 
These fairy witches are extremely busy at Halloween helping to make Fairy Land an enchanted place to be.

issy fairy

Issy's Fairy

Halloween Party Fairy
hallie fairy

Hallie's Fairy

Halloween Holiday Store
chef gardenia fairy

Fairy Chef

courtneys fairy costumes

Courtney's Fairy

trixie love fairy

Fairy Trixie

Love The Trick or Treat Fairy

The Halloween Adventures of the


In this is book you will find 5 delightful stories about some of the cutest fairy witches. You will be introduced to Chef Gardenia and The Sweet Fairy Treats. There is not one fairy anywhere in all of Fairy Land who does not love sweets, especially those created by fairies themselves. Some fairies have speculated that the reason their treats are the best is because of the tiny touch of magic that the fairies use when they cook and bake. The bakers around Fairy Land love to use seasonal ingredients in their amazing creations. With Halloween approaching, they are planning out their menus and trying to create some new original dishes. Learn how she uses her magic to create amazing Halloween treats.

Check out the sample audio below:

halloween ifg

Halloween Instant Fairy Garden, Digital Download

NEW! Digital Downloadable Halloween Instant Fairy Garden
Time To Party With The Fairies! Celebrate and have a fun Halloween Fairy Party and build a fairy garden with the fairies and your friends! Take adorable Fun Photos to remember your special Day! 
felicia halloween

Felicia’s Enchanted Halloween

Felicia’s Enchanted Halloween Felicia is ready for an enchanted Halloween adventure. She has decorated for this spooktacular season and chose an amazing orange witches costume. Her outfit has been accented with her jewelry and makeup.
felicia kid

Kids T-Shirt

felicia mouse pad

Mouse Pad

felicia pillow

Throw Pillow

felicia adult

Fitted T-Shirt

felicia mug

Classic Mug

felicia pet

Pet Bandana

Magical Poster

Introducing Felicia’s Enchanted Halloween Magical Poster! Bring the magic of Halloween into your home with this Spooktacular poster. Felicia has decorated her fairy cottage for the season and has placed this amazing poster over her fireplace. Collect all of the Felicia Fairy posters to create an amazing magical Felicia fairy wall in your home.
felicia’s enchanted halloween poster
gigi halloween fairy

Trick or Treat? Boo!

Looking for a fun and spooky way to celebrate Halloween this year? Look no further than Gigi the Chic Fairy’s magical Halloween “Free” Digital Download Activities. Our fairy friends have been busy creating wonderful games for you to play at home with your friends. Simply download all the activities and start having a blast! 

So what are you waiting for? Get in the Halloween spirit with Gigi the Chic Fairy’s Halloween “Free” Digital Download Activities today!

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Magical Spooktacular Fairy Halloween Products

Discover our magical Halloween merchandise including clothing and accessories. 
We have everything you need to look amazing for Halloween and to decorate your home and office too.
We hope you have a Spooktacular time browsing our collections. 

halloween kids 1


Halloween Party Fairy
You will find out about her decorations and also where the magical Halloween party is being held this year.
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Fairy Costumes
You will learn about Courtney’s Fairy Costumes and how clever she is in creating costumes.
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Fairy Chef
There is not one fairy anywhere in all of Fairy Land who does not love sweets, especially those created by fairies themselves.
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Love The Trick or Treat Fairy
A group of fairies had gathered outside of the library at Fairy Headquarters as it was to be the first stop on their night of trick-or-treating.
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halloween kids 7

Ms. Spooktacular

The Halloween Fairy
I love everything about Halloween and I am here to assist you with all your spooktacular decorating needs.
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Halloween Holiday Store
Learn about Hallie’s Holiday Store and why she loves Halloween as her favorite holiday. Hallie owns her own holiday store.
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elektra luna kid tshirt

Elektra Luna

The Handmade Halloween Fairy
You might not know this but fairies, pixies, elves, gnomes and all magical creatures have Halloween parties every year.
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Halloween Costume
Gigi in Her Witch Costume Gigi loves fashion of all kinds. That’s why she was so glad to be able to put together this enchanted Halloween witch costume.
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The Halloween Potion Fairy
I have special magical powers to ensure that my potions don’t get into the hands of the wrong people or fairies.
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kindy the candy corn ball


The Candy Corn Ball Fairy
My name is Mandy and I’m the Candy Corn Ball Fairy. I come out in the fall and organize the annual Candy Corn Ball.
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The Good Witch Fairy
She comes from a long line of witches. At one point a fairy and a witch got married creating a line of magical witch fairies.
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fuppa shower curtain


The Fancy Halloween Candy Fairy
My job is to help create the fancier kinds of candy that everyone loves at Halloween. I love my job because it lets me be really creative with flavors.
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Gigi The Chic Magical Fairy's Halloween Collection

Gigi in Her Witch Costume Gigi loves fashion of all kinds. That’s why she was so glad to be able to put together this enchanted Halloween witch costume.

Teelie’s Original Miniature
Halloween Scenes

Explore Teelie’s Fairy Garden’s magical selection of Halloween miniatures that you can include in your own enchanted fairy garden. 
With a little fairy dust and some creativity, you can create the perfect garden for your home.

halloween etsy new

Halloween Miniature Donuts and Cupcake

halloween etsy new5

Boo, Adorable Halloween Ghost Cake

A Halloween Party is Waiting For You, Dollhouse

halloween etsy new3

Happy Halloween Pumpkin Cupcakes

halloween etsy new2

An Amazing Halloween Table

Halloween Books

Read Teelie Turner’s amazing Halloween books and transport yourself to Fairy Land for a spooktacular adventure.