meliantha fairy

Meliantha The Magical Fairy

Welcome my name is Meliantha the Magical Fairy! I was assigned to be in charge of all magical fairies by fairy headquarters. You ask why? I am an expert in using fairy dust, and all magical fairies need to be trained in the proper way to use fairy dust. So if you have a new resident of a magical fairy in your fairy garden, and you need my assistance with magic fairy dust for your fairy, call my name three times and throw a pinch sugar over your right shoulder- and I’ll be there in a jiffy. I hope you love my new line of products I personally designed for you.

Magical Fairy Collection On Amazon


Baby One-Piece


Baby Hoodie


Baby T-Shirt


Spiral Notebook


Kids T-Shirt






V-Neck T-Shirt






Throw Pillow


 Zipper Pouch