pirate puppaa

Puppa the Pirate Fairy

Hello there Matey! Yes Pirate Puppa at your service. I am a fairy as you can see but I’m also a pirate-a very good pirate. Being a pirate on the high seas takes a lot of fairy magic and my duties given to me by fairy headquarters have been to make sure that all the sailing ships on all the oceans are safe. I have a crew Pirates that if a ship gets in trouble because of stormy waters we fly to their rescue- with the help of fairy magic! But enough of me-I’m here to assist you in creating the best pirate fairy garden known to humans. I am quite talented at creating these type of fairy gardens and I would love to help you. Just say the name three times Pirate Puppa-Pirate Puppa-Pirate Puppa- I’ll be there in a jiffy to give you a hand. Until later Matey!

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