zen fairy

Zarina the Zen Fairy

Welcome to my Zen fairy garden! My name is Zarina the Zen Fairy. I was given this assignment by fairy headquarters because I have a very calming effect on all my fellow fairies, pixies, elves and all other magical creatures. This job might look easy, but it is quite difficult to get magical creatures to calm down and relax. So if you think you have a magical creature in your fairy garden that needs to relax and you need my assistance, please leave a note in your fairy garden and all be there to the rescue. It is also exciting for me to show you my line of fairy products that I personally designed- I hope you love them as much as I do.

Zen Fairy Collection On Amazon


Long Sleeve Baby One-Piece


Baby T-Shirt


Baby One-piece


Kids T-Shirt




Tote Bag


Mini Skirt




Sleeveless Dress






Throw Pillow