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We’re having an incredible time in Fairy Land. Our plants are doing amazing and we’re all enjoying summer picnics, barbecues, and celebrations.

Tommy Tinker Enjoys an Adventure to the Pond
I’m Tommy Tinker and since my friend Teelie Turner’s book Magical Fairy Farm Like With Jonathan the Fairy Farmer has been released, I decided it would be fun to travel to a pond and explore what fun we can have there.

Magical Fashions for a Fairy Party

This week we’re going to be looking at some magical fashions to wear to a fairy party. There is much fun to be had at a fairy party including friendship, tea or hot cocoa, sweets, and lots of fun.

Tommy Tinker Explores Magical Barns

Welcome back to The Tommy Tinker Store. I’m Tommy Tinker and I’m going to take you on an amazing adventure. Since many have been celebrating Christmas in July, we wanted to show you eight fairy doors that are perfect for your Christmas garden.
Shabby Chic Miniatures for Your Fairy Garden or Dollhouse
This week we’re going to look at eight shabby chic miniatures which could make great choices for your magical fairy garden. Shabby chic furnishings are often described as being old and mismatched.

Magical Discover the Amazing Christmas in July Instant Fairy Garden

Fairy Gardening can be such a magical experience and just as children love to let their imaginations take them on incredible adventures with paper dolls, Teelie Turner’s Magical Instant Fairy Gardens have the power to bring hours of fun to children, and to children at heart.