Welcome to the Magical World of Teelie's Fairy Garden

Philominia Pixie

Hi, Philominia Pixie at your service! I am the head Pixie in the fairy kingdom assigned by fairy headquarters to make sure all pixies are happy and that they all have homes. Even though we pixies are very teeny, we still have a large impact on helping all the fairies with our Pixie dust. We love to live by our neighbors the fairies so in your fairy garden, please be sure to make a little Pixie house or shelter for us- we definitely will be happy to live with you then. Everyone can use a little Pixie magic!

Philominia Pixie's Collection

Philominia Pixie Fairy™ Graphic T-Shirt Dress

Philominia Pixie Fairy™
Fitted Scoop T-Shirt

Philominia Pixie Fairy™
Travel Mug