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Leandra the Lamp, Lantern & Feeder Fairy

Welcome to my wonderful lamps, lanterns, and feeders-my name is Leandra. I’m so happy you stopped by to visit me so I can show you all by beautiful products. As you know, fairies love any form of light, so lights in your fairy garden will delight your fairies. Feeders are so important because the fairies are the protectors of all animals in the fairy kingdom and they want them to be taken care of. If you want a consultation with me to help you select the perfect lights or feeders, just contact me through fairy chat, and I’ll be right with you-looking forward to meeting you.

Lamp, Lantern & Feeder Fairy Collection On Amazon


Baby One-Piece


Baby Hoodie


Baby T-Shirt




Kids T-Shirt


Jigsaw Puzzle


Sleeveless Top


Fitted V-Neck T-Shirt




Throw Pillow






the Lamp, Lantern & Feeder Fairy

leandra fairy