rusini fairy

Rusini the Rustic Fairy

Hello and it so very nice to meet you! My name is Rusini and I am the Rustic Fairy. I bet you wonder what a Rustic Fairy does-will let me explain. As you know fairies have been around as long as time and many items in fairy gardens get rusty, so the Queen fairy decided to start a new fairy trend. Yes, we have trends in fairyland also. So because I love the color of rust (even though I’m quite an elegant fairy, (if I must say so myself) fairy headquarters assigned me to promote our new trend of the rustic fairy garden. I must say I think I’m doing a pretty fantabulous fairy job of it. Of course I’m always available for consultation for your fairy garden-just send a message to fairy headquarters-all be there in a jiffy. I even have my own line of fairy products that I designed-you will love them!

Rustic Fairy Collection On Amazon


Long Sleeve Baby One-Piece


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Baby One-piece


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