Welcome to the Magical World of Teelie's Fairy Garden

Mandy the Mermaid

Hello I’m Mandy the Mermaid and best friends with all my fairy friends. I would love to help you create an ocean inspired mermaid fairy garden. We have so many wonderful under the sea decorations for your garden. Being friends with the fairies is so much fun, especially the ocean fairies because we can play together. Mermaid fairy gardens are very peaceful and you can also decorate them with all of our baby mermaids-they are so adorable. If you need ideas just clap twice and say my name Ms. Mandy the Mermaid and I’ll be right there to help!

Mandy the Mermaid's Collection

Mandy The Mermaid™
Floor Pillow

Mandy The Mermaid™
Throw Blanket

Mandy The Mermaid™
Shower Curtain