fanoza fairy

Fanoza the Fancy Fairy Kit Fairy

Fanoza is the fairy in charge of all fancy fairy garden kits. Fairy headquarters knows that there are some fairies that are a little on the fancy side and prefer not to live in a fairy garden. If they do live in a fairy garden they want their fairy accommodations top-notch. Some fairies prefer to live in a sweet shoppe, some love Christmas so much they want to live in a Christmas house full of all the trimmings and some just like fancy everything. So Fanoza’s duty is to make sure all the fancy fairy kits get to the proper fancy fairies in fairyland.

Fancy Kit Fairy Collection On Amazon


Baby One-Piece


Baby T-Shirt


Baby Hoodie


Kids T-Shirt


Zipper Pouch


Hardcover Journal


Chiffon Top


Sleeveless Top


Mini Skirt




Shower Curtain


Throw Pillow