Exclusive Fairy Face Masks

Previously, when you thought of masks, you may have been thinking of a masquerade ball and the masks that are worn to those. However, with a mask that is required for health and safety, the nose and mouth must be covered. This means that your smile and facial expression are hidden. However, the fairies and their magical friends are here for you. Let them be your smile. The fairies can help add some sparkle to your life when you wear their masks. You might not see the fairy dust, but the fairies are surrounding you with it every day in the form of well wishes for a wonderful day. The creativity and numerous designs for their fairy masks can help you feel wonderful as you go about choosing yours. Just like your smile is a statement, so are the beautiful designs that you can wear.

Holiday Fairies

With Love
From Sugarsnap Mask

The Easter Fairy Mask

Greetings Fairy Lovers This Is Holly's Magical Fairy Tale Christmas Mask

The Valentine's Card Fairy Mask

Easter Surprise

Honey Bunny Love Mask

The Magical Duck Mask

The Valentine Chipmunk Mask

Christmas Snowman
And His Furry Friends Mask


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