Schleich bayala Fairy Feya, Mermaid Eyela, with Unicorn and Pony Playset – 5-Piece




Bring the magic and enchantment of bayala® home with a starter pack featuring your favorite bayala® characters. Sparkle beneath the sea with the mermaid Eyela. Glow in the sunlight with the fairy Feya. Chase the sun across the waves with the glittering Pegasus and the sea unicorn. Five figurines included. Recommended for ages 5 and up. The fairy Feya decorates her Pegasus unicorn’s mane with stardust so it glistens like a starry night. Oooooh…so pretty! What’s the special occasion? The mermaid Eyela, one of Feya’s bestest friends, dances beneath the waves tonight in the colorful coral reefs, and Feya is twinkling with anticipation to watch the dance of the mermaid princess. The enchanted figurines and playsets of Schleich bayala® introduce the limitless possibilities of storytelling and imaginative play. From majestic owls and woodland elves to glittering flower houses and unicorn stables, Schleich bayala® lets your stories run wild. Mythical creature figurines twinkle in rich detail, while authentic playsets enrich every tale! Our fairy toy figurines love to be whisked away into stories featuring Schleich dinosaur toys, wild animal figures and toy horses! Schleich mythical creature toys and playsets are built to last for generations. All our toys meet the highest national, international, and enchanted kingdom safety standards. Did You Know? Fairies and mermaids, unicorns and dragons, all call bayala® home. What enchanted fairy tale creatures are your favorites?

INSPIRE IMAGINATION AND BRING MAGIC TO LIFE – This Schleich bayala set includes three popular characters: a mermaid, a fairy on a Pegasus, and an ocean unicorn foal, perfect for your little girl’s toy collection.
A STORYTELLING WORLD OF MAGIC AND WONDER – So detailed, you’ll forget you’re playing with a toy. Be mesmerized by the shimmering scales of the mermaid and enchanted by the fairy’s colorful wings.”
THE PERFECT GIFT FOR KIDS OF ALL AGES – No batteries, no scripts, just pure kid-powered magic. This toy set encourages imaginative play, making it a perfect birthday gift for kids.
GENERATIONS OF IMAGINATION FOR KIDS OF ALL AGES – Long-lasting, super durable and highly detailed toys from Schleich are the perfect way to ignite your child’s imagination and fun. With a huge catalog of fairies, monsters, characters, dinosaurs and animals across a variety of playsets and figurines, you can be sure that your child will experience all the magic and wonder of childhood while making memories for years to come.
WHERE STORIES BEGIN – Our characters come in a million gazillion shapes, sizes, and colors. Whether they have two legs, four legs, or no legs, they have one thing in common – every toy in our collection is authentic, detailed and high quality.

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9.6 x 9.6 x 7.4 inches

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14.4 ounces

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