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What is Teelie’s Fairy Garden? Well, it’s everything you’ve ever wanted in a fairy garden, and more! Teelie’s Fairy Garden is your ultimate source for all things fairy garden. From plants, to fairy garden accessories and other enchanting fairy garden merchandise, this site and community will be your go to for anything and everything you’ll ever need to create your own magical world.

Teelie’s Fairy Garden began with a love for all things fairy garden. The enchantment that a fairy garden brings to one’s life is incomparable. Read More..

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SAA Jul 1 2019 fairy garden dragons

A Dose of Fairy Dragons!

Small, fire breathing, and absolutely adorable; a group of small, scaly fairy dragons have arrived into the fairy garden! It's understandable that grown, full-sized dragons may be more than a little frightening. But these colorful little creatures aren't grown...

FG Jun 28 veggies featured photo

Cornucopia: A Platter of Fairy Garden Veggies!

Summer bounties are always so rich and nourished by the sunshine. No one knows that better than the fairies that tend to the gardens and farms. This year’s summer veggies and fruits are coming along very nicely, growing strong...

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