Discover Astonishing Pillows With Pooky The Pillow Fairy

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Pooky the Pillow Fairy is today’s special guest in Teelie’s Fairy Garden. She’s going to show you eight incredible throw pillows with designs on them that she loves.   

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Chloe Sweetness the Candy Fairy looks amazing surrounding by her treats on this lovely blue pillow. Pooky thinks it would be a great option for your home décor.

Pirate Pete is a magical fairy who has many adventures both above and under the sea. Teelie Turner has currently written three books about his life. On this pillow he is standing beside the treasure that he helped to recover.

Felicia the Magical Fairy Book Club Fairy is the ambassador for Teelie Turner’s Magical Fairy Book Club. This pillow is one of many in her collection of merchandise. Teelie Turner has written three amazing stories about Felicia. All pillows are available as the pillow cover and insert or just the cover.

The Listening Fairy’s name is Laqueta Latore and Teelie Turner wrote a book about her life. This pillow is an image of her in her tree house.

Arcenciel the Rainbow Fairy lives a magical life. Arcenciel means rainbow in French. We love the whimsy that is represented on her pillow. Teelie Turner also wrote her story.

Fidget’s Fairy Tale is a magical story that Teelie Turner wrote. Fidget also has her own amazing pillow that has her and her bunny friends on it.

Teelie Turner wrote a book about Tommy Tinker and the magical dragons. On this throw pillow you’ll find him with a magical purple dragon and some balloons.

This enchanted throw pillow also features Tommy Tinker in a scene from a book that Teelie Turner wrote about him. In this story, Tommy rescues a baby owl with the help of his owl friends Ziggy and Herbie.

Please come back and see us again next week. We’re going to be spending time with Tianna the T-Shirt Fairy and exploring eight incredible t-shirts that you’ll love.

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