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Tianna the T-Shirt Fairy is here to share eight amazing t-shirts with you. Are you ready for this week’s adventure through Teelie’s Fairy Garden?Tianna the T-Shirt Fairy is here to share eight amazing t-shirts with you. Are you ready for this week’s adventure through Teelie’s Fairy Garden?

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Pictured above is one of Tianna’s very own t-shirts. This is the fitted scoop neck model. There are several background colors and sizes that you can choose from. There are also other models, allowing you to pick the t-shirt that best fits your personality and style preferences.

This fun t-shirt features Desta the Dragon Fairy and one of her magical dragon pals. We’re showing you the fitted V-neck t-shirt. Tianna chose this one because it has such a fun vibe to it, and so many fairies love having dragons as pets.

This beautiful sleeveless t-shirt features Shimmer the Unicorn on it. It has a pink background. Tianna decided to show it to you because unicorns are extremely rare and magical. The design of the shirt is also joyous.

Tianna decided to introduce you to Mandy the Mermaid in case you want to wear something that takes you on a magical underwater adventure. She chose to show it to you with a blue background to symbolize the ocean.

This beautiful relaxed fit t-shirt features Felicia the Fairy Book Club Fairy. This design is known as the Passionate Pink collection. It is one of several incredible designs that feature the ambassador for Teelie Turner’s Fairy Book Club. Tianna and Felicia met shortly after Teelie Turner wrote a book about Tianna.

This incredible youth t-shirt is vibrant red and features Patriotic Patsy, the 4th of July Fairy decked out in her red, white and blue finery. Tianna wanted to share this shirt with you because she loved the bright colors and the amazing personality that Patriotic Patsy has.

This kids’ t-shirt is made for children age one to twelve. There are several stunning background colors and sizes available. This t-shirt features Bethany the Birthday Fairy. We love all the magical balloons and the cake on this shirt.

This Tommy Tinker hearts, dragons and balloons t-shirt for kids is a great option for some magical clothing. Tianna decided to show you the t-shirt with an orange background because it really made the design pop.

Join us next week as we spend some time with Idalis the Indoor Gardening Fairy. She has eight fun and fabulous gardening suggestions for you.

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