Fairy-Inspired Home Decor for Fall

Here in Fairy Land, everyone is gearing up for Halloween and Thanksgiving. We’re already getting ready for the magical parties and celebrations we’ll be hosting to celebrate the season. For those of you at home, worry not as we have curated some special fairy-inspired home decor for Fall. In celebration of the season, these items will keep the fairy magic alive, especially towards the Halloween! Here are some amazing products that you can add to your home for a more whimsical feel.


Fairy-Inspired Home Decor for Fall

  1. Autumn Fairy Tale Pot Rack, Kitchen Decor

Turn your kitchen into an enchanting room where great dishes are made with lots of love and magic! This delightful pot rack is carefully crafted with forged iron and designed with copper leaves and silver vines in moon glow frosted bronze finish. It’s inspired by the curly, crooked sticks that can be found deep in the woodlands.

  1. Handmade Flower Fairy Doll/Pumpkin Fairy/Thanksgiving Fairy Fall Decoration

Perfect as a Thanksgiving present, this delightful Pumpkin Fairy brings lots of joy and good tidings. She is dressed in a fluffy silk orange flower dress and has red hair, inspired by a country farm girl look. This little fairy is great as an indoor Fall decor.

  1. Rustic Fall Wall Decor, Mason Jar Sconce with Fairy Lights

Add some magical fairy lights to any hallway or porch with this gorgeous rustic Fall wall decor. These sconces feature mason jars and season-appropriate flowers. Adds a perfectly homey touch to any Fall-themed decor.

  1. Fall Lantern

In the deep, dark Fall evenings, fairies use lanterns to guide them in navigating the woodlands. You too can have your own lantern in the form of his Fall-themed one that has a delightful little scarecrow in it! The lantern is decorated with Fall leaves and berries and inside are tiny fairy lights that illuminate your not-so-scary scarecrow!

  1. Felted Autumn Fairy Home Decor

Here’s another delightful Fall Fairy that you can add to a table or bookshelf. She has a nice hippie look to her with her wild red-orange hair and very elegant dress adorned with leaves. Lovingly crafted with felt, this fairy hails from the deep forest where autumn leaves are vibrant. She also has an Autumn scarf that matches her olive colored dress.

Fairy-Inspired Home Decor for Fall

  1. Autumn Fairy Ornament Boy, Harvest Pixie, Woodland Faerie

This Harvest Fairy is perfect for the Fall season. He can be placed on a holiday tree or among pumpkins on a table centerpiece. He is fashionably dressed in Fall colors, complete with a nice deep green vest and a mossy scarf to match his orange turtleneck and brown pants. He is also bringing a mini putka pumpkin and a basket full of cinnamon stick clips.

  1. Miniature Pumpkin Farm, Fall Fairy Garden Decoration

Whether for your fairy garden or indoor display, this gorgeous little farm inspires warm thoughts about the season. It features a nice little barn complete with pumpkins that are ready to be harvested. It also includes a truck that’s already filled with lots of tiny pumpkins. Happy harvest season!

  1. Enchanting Fall Garden Fairy House with Lights

Lure fairies into your home with this enchanting Fall fairy house that comes with brilliant lights. It has pumpkins and vines all over the house, as well as orange beads on the pathway to the door. Take a peek inside and discover a little table and chairs that’s perfect for tea time for fairies! The roof is lined with wooden shingles to provide a sweet detail.

  1. Scare-crow Fairy Doll

There’s nothing scary about this delightful fairy doll, who is dressed in a nice flower-and-denim ensemble. Her golden hair is tied in a couple of braids and kept together by a nice straw hat. Her dress is made of cloth flowers, buttons, beads, and is completed with an apron made of recycled materials.

  1. Fall Leaves, Fall Table Runner, Autumn Decor

This simple yet elegant Fall table runner is inspired by the deep woodlands where fairies reside. It’s designed to create a warm and inviting table for Halloween and Thanksgiving, with its delightful design featuring a black bird and some yellowing leaves.


Celebrate the season with these fairy-inspired home decor for Fall. These will earn you some praise from friends and family, as they are not only beautiful to look at, but also add a touch of magic and whimsy to your home. If you want more Fall ideas specific to your fairy garden, visit the link below and don’t forget to bookmark Teelie’s Fairy Garden.

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Charming Fall-themed Fairy Garden Goodies


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