MUST HAVE! Almost Out of Stock Fairy Garden Accessories

Happy Saturday fairy garden lovers! What better way to spend the Memorial Day weekend than shopping for new accessories for your fairy garden? After all, this holiday is celebrated to commemorate those who have laid their lives so we could live ours in peace. During this weekend, we pause in gratitude and remember those who have gone before us to fairy heaven and sacrificed themselves for the greater good.


Memorial Day Sale

While some shops have announced their Memorial Day sales, we’re going on a different kind of hunt this weekend. We are looking out for those fairy garden must-haves that are almost out of stock. The fact that there’s only one left is a testament to how great these fairy garden accessories are. To make things easier for you, we’ve created a list so you’ll need not look any further. Grab these deals before they’re out of stock, especially during this weekend of shopping sale.


Grab These Deals Now

In celebration of the Memorial Day weekend, here are some fairy garden accessories that you won’t regret spending on. Consider yourself luck to get the last few pieces, too! Check out the list below.

MUST HAVE! Almost Out of Stock Fairy Garden Accessories

1. Myfaerygardens miniature fairy garden mystical fairy door

This is a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it detail for your magical fairy garden. Place it at the foot of trees and watch the fairies come out to play. It features delightfully detailed hinges and lock, with a tiny lantern on the side and amazing stone steps. Only three of these left at Etsy, each for $11.92.

2. TheLittleHedgerow fairy garden sign miniature “There be faeries here”

Welcome guests into your fairy garden with this sweet, classic sign that says, “There be faeries here.” The engraved sign is made of wood, painted with acrylic outdoor paint in a cloud white color and aged around the edges for a chic look. The last three pieces are available at Etsy for $4.50 each.

3. OliveNatureFolklore fairy garden watering can

Every fairy garden must have watering can! Your fairy friends are always hard at work keeping the garden blooming and beautiful. This hand sculpted and hand painted fairy garden watering can is truly one of a kind. Get the last piece at Etsy for $6.25.

4. Gardenflowers1 fairy garden miniature slide with bunnies

Keep it light and fun in the fairy garden with this rustic slide that you can add to your outdoor playground. This also includes a mommy bunny with a stake to keep her firmly attached to the ground and two bunnies attached to the slide. The last set is at Etsy for $16.95.

5. OliveNatureFolklore Fairy Swing by Olive

Fairy gardens also double as a playground for your little mystical friends. Adorn your fairy garden with a pretty, tiny swing that your fairies will love playing with. Hurry! The last piece is at Etsy for $13.50.

MUST HAVE! Almost Out of Stock Fairy Garden Accessories

6. BeverlyJaneCreations miniature fairy garden birdbath

Keep your fairy garden elegant with this charming birdbath that features mesmerizing detail in both the pillar of the birdbath and the plants that wildly grow around it. There’s only two left on Etsy, each for $6.25.

7. TheEnchantedWorlds cobblestone bridge

This detailed cobblestone bridge is an awesome addition to your fairy garden, especially when you have little streams and rivers that run across your garden. Hurry and get the last piece at Etsy for $9.50.

8. DancingFrogs44 fairy garden wishing well

This may look like an ordinary wishing well, but it actually has a little surprise inside! Take a peek and find that there is a frog inside the well. Is it possible that he is a fairy prince in disguise? There’s only one way to find out. Get this last piece on Etsy for $12.99.

9. TheLittleHedgerow miniature bicycle for fairy garden

Keep your little fairy friends on the move with this rustic miniature bicycle that features a basket full of pink mushrooms made of polymer clay. It’s a great addition to any fairy garden that is playful and fun-loving. Grab that last one on Etsy for $12.95.

10. FairiesofTranquility fairy cottage

This gorgeous miniature fairy house has so many details, you’ll discover something new every time you look at it! It features a gorgeous facade adorned with roses that bring out the quaint turquoise blue of the house’s exterior, as well as some pine cones and lush moss around the house. Its roof is made of leaves that blends well into any garden. Its door features golden hinges that lets fairies open and close it too. There’s only one left on Etsy right now, going for $68.86.


This Memorial Day weekend, make sure to grab those deals before they run out and have fun spending time with family and friends tending to your fairy garden. Happy weekend, everyone!


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